Wednesday, March 23, 2011

whimsical wednesday….

These are all the good things that enrich my life to it's perfection.  Here is quite a muted palette uncharacteristic of my usual color choices.  Some white doodles and script energize and focus my thoughts, over layers of acrylic paint washes.  It's soft.  
 It's just a message on a journal page, simple and sweet.  Sometimes you just have to walk away from a piece and let it take on it's own life.  Playing in different directions, and exploring… makes me stretch creatively and grow artistically…..


  1. Loving the muted colors - very different, and very beautiful!!!

  2. Such sweet colors... soft and loving! Works well with the wording.
    Great artwork.

  3. oh you are so right about walking away.....i wish i could remember to do that more often! i love your use of white's such a fun "color" to use! hope you have a super weekend, sweetie-pie! xox

  4. Beautiful piece!!! I so admire your style.....Would you be willing to share a little about how you developed your style? I am currently working to develop my own "signature" and while I know it takes some time I am not sure what I am looking for?