Thursday, September 27, 2012

...more Sketchbook Challenge...

Head on over the the Sketchbook Challenge blog and check out my post on "Desert Patterns".  You know me, looking for art and inspiration everywhere!  Las Vegas was no exception with hyper visuals and interesting subject matter in ever square inch of this part of the "desert".   Certainly not as serene as a babbling brook, but interesting travel journal material just the same.  It was fun "seeing" Vegas to inspire my art journaling, enjoy!
*this slot machine "pattern" was my most favorite!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

...a FREE e-book from Interweave?....

Wow!!!  Hooray!!  I'm in it.
  Did you get your FREE ebook?  
What a nice surprise to be included in this FREE e-book "LETTERING AND MARK MAKING",  from my friends who bring you Cloth Paper Scissors magazine and Create retreats.  If you missed the May 2011 issue, you can enjoy my "Making Magic with Markers" article that's included in this ebook. 
  Want to learn everything you could possible imagine about markers?  
Come here,  this is the class for you.  
There's still time to register, as the first magical lesson starts this Monday, September 24th.  We are having a big old marker party, with piles of pens and and colorful art journaling.  Hope you'll join us!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

just thinkin'...

 ...and realized that in exactly 362 days from NOW, this VERY MOMENT, 
i will be making art 
with my adventurous art friends in 
Can you imagine how wonderful this will be?  
 This year has flown already, and i know the next will be just as quick.  
But for now, i am busy making plans for many more
I will be teaching at these locations
(not in order): 
Canada, Long Island, Manhattan, Maryland, Phoenix, Chicago, New Jersey, Kansas City, Irvine, Boston, Stamford, and a few more to confirm.  Looking forward to creating, lettering, painting, journaling, felting, sewing, drawing, doodling, coloring and making new art friends along the way.  

Will post schedule when all the details are finalized.  Life is good!