Thursday, June 30, 2011

Shakey Shakerson's Premier "Art Friends" Video

Here's a little surprise for you, my art friends, a video!  
It's my very first attempt, and 
it's a little (alot) rough, so humor me and take a dramamine while you watch it!  

I have much to learn and i would really like to put more video and tutorials on this blog.  This premier rookie version was shot while i held the camera phone and turned the journal pages.  I will "get it", i promise!  For now i'll be starting out with just my iphone and a little tripod just to get practice.   iMovie is a great tool, but as you can see i certainly have not mastered the smoooooth transitions to the next frames, oy!   I pinky swear the next one will be good.

But in the meantime, don't laugh at my A.D.D. artist comments, table shots and off focus tidbits throughout, LOL!!  And at the end, i'm sure you will love the ever so meaningful last frame showcasing my glass table top, aquafina and marker bucket!    It is what it is, and i will look back at my very first blog video with great affection.  I'm just happy that i figured it out, and i did it!

we're free!

To celebrate Independence Day, July 4th, and our nation's freedom i am offering FREE SHIPPING in my Etsy shop when you order 2 or more prints!!  Use coupon code: FREE2JULY4.  This offer good June 30. 2011 through July 4, 2011.  Have fun shopping and getting "whimspired"!

Friday, June 24, 2011

"Blinging It" Tutorial….

Go on over to the Luminarte blog where, as guest blogger i have posted a tutorial on making some sparkly shiny embellishments with Twinkling H20s, Glossy Accents, and Stickles.  

This is colorful art play!  Create your own beautiful hand drawn decorations for your art journals, cards and mixed media pieces.  One of a kind embellishments unique to you, are so much more special than manufactured store bought things that everyone else has on their artwork.
 Be adventurous, go make your own fabulous embellishments.  And if you're worried about the drawing part, just draw over and over again until you like it.  And practice too.  You will eventually be comfortable with your personal expression and there'll be no creative inhibitions.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

artful neighbors...

card © Jill Foster

There's a lot of blog hopping, cross posting, guest spots and sharing in the "artful neighborhoods" these days!  I was so flattered when Jill Foster asked me to appear as a "guest artist" on her blog this week.  It's such a fun way to meet new artsy friends who share your same creative passions.
card © Jill Foster
Jill's has a beautiful style and makes these fabulous cards.  Evidently we share the same love for color, this orange speaks to me!
card © Jill Foster
 Aren't they gorgeous?  So simple and sweet.  Go check out Jill's blog and see how my art inspired her latest card.  I love it!  It's refreshing to play together in the same "artful neighborhood" (blog world) learn from each other and and celebrate our artistry.  
card © Jill Foster
What fun over at your place Jill, thanks inviting me!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

guest blogger at Luminarte

I'm delighted to be guest blogging on the Luminarte blog this month.  They're the ones with those blingy, bold, shimmer paints and sprays that i love!….Twinkling H2Os and Radiant Rains….  After all, you can never have too much sparkle art!  Flutter on over and check it out…Luminarte by Creative Imaginations.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

to be true….

 On Facebook i have a "fan page" called Whimspirations (go ahead, click on the link and LIKE) where i frequently post my inspirational art.  Some people aren't on Facebook, so i will occasionally cross post the art here on my blog.

...oh look!  Here's a shot of before i added the first line…..
 So, in some "cyber place" one will always be "whimspired" by these artworks... true.

Monday, June 13, 2011

for a beautiful every day...

 Sharing some art…..A colorful visual to inspire your week……….make it a good one!

 …my whimspirations…...

Friday, June 10, 2011

the art of the doodle

Still doodling in the same book!  Loving this little square art journal that i have been drawing in all week, playing with lettering projects and exercises with line, color, composition and fonts.  

The pages are very absorbent taking on vibrant watercolor beautifully. 

Can you see what's hidden in this wavy whimsical doodle?

Use you name as the art element, designing with large loose lines.  Add pattern in the spaces and the shapes that are created. Paint in the negative space with a deliberate color story.
 More play with letters, showcasing and highlighting shapes from lines that spilled off the fonts.
Have fun with the "art of the doodle", creating a whimsical journal masterpiece with line, pattern, shape and color.  Go try it!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

art journaling every day

Here's a peek into one of my daily art books where i draw, doodle, sketch, letter, paint and color.  I make it a habit to art journal every day, even if it's just starting a page, or adding to one, then finishing it later. It's my daily diary of sorts, only filled with art and my creative whims.

Outlines and doodles are drawn in black fine tip pens, then colorized with marker and water.
The pages this week were all colored with Tombow markers.  I've used these vibrant markers for years.  Tombows are dye based markers, and colors can be manipulated with water.  Having a little handful of Tombows is like having a watercolor palette in pen form.  

There is a beautiful neutral color palette to create a inky effect.  
Creating this look is achieved by marker coloring areas with a darks and lights, then blending and dragging the colors in puddles of water.  A waterbrush is great tool for this technique.  (there are several brands of waterbrushes: Sakura, Niji, Pentel)
Layering washes when the previous one has dried completely.

Here's something to try. Experiment with some of your doodles and lettering grids in black and white, then watercolor just the negative space.  Images pop!

Playing with words, making them little works of art.  Maybe they'll get some color later.  Or maybe they are perfect just the way they are in this art journal.  We'll see what whim hits and sticks.
After all your art journal is for exploring and experimenting.  It's a vehicle for meditation, relaxation and play.  An art journal is for every day! 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

"artful business card" tutorial

Time to get back in the artsy saddle and share some creations!  

While i was at Create! a few weeks ago, i realized it didn't bring any business cards for the Vendor Faire on my last day there.  I gathered some of my left over watercolor paper scraps from from my journaling class.  The best part about making something in your hotel room at a creative event like this is that i had every art supply that i could possibly need!  Except for a paper cutter, that would have been a little awkward at the airport.  
With my scissors, i cut some strips the to make the cards, 1 1/2" x 3".  With my black Pitt pen, I drew my signature heart with wings, and framed the edges with some loosely sketched lines. 

 For the color background, i used my Koi Watercolor travel set and water brush.  That little watercolor set has been all over the country with me this year.  When "jetsetting" (LOL!!) it easily fits into my bag along with a small art journal.
 After the watercolor was dry, i used my Ranger Heat Tool to dry the cards.  Yes, i even had my heat tool along with me for teaching!  I lettered my name on the front with my white Signo pen and added some dots for whimsey.  My blog address was hand written on the back of the card.  (sorry about the photo quality, still getting used to my iphone camera)  
But the icing on the art cake was using the Luminarte Radiant Rains to add glimmer, glam, sparkle and shine!!  Simple and spectacular, I sprayed the pile with Egyptian Gold and the cards looked like jewels!
So there's a quick little solution for not being prepared in a pinch!  Luckily i traveled with my mobile art studio, but you can always find someway to invent a one of a kind treasure when on the road with your "go to" travel supplies.  Note to self, in August, have these ready for Create! Chicago.  Happy trails!