Monday, June 18, 2012

...creative diversion...

I love to sew.  I have since i was in junior high school.  Made clothes, "smock tops", pillows, fun stuff.  My very first sewing machine was a Sears Kenmore i got as a wedding gift, and i still have it.  Just can't find the foot pedal!  When my daughter was born i was up to my elbows in piles of fabric making the nursery ensemble and little girly dresses.  Well, having 4 kids in three years pushed my sewing machine farther and farther back in closet. 

Fast forward 20 years and i had been thinking about sewing again, pricing machines and doing research.  Thank heaven for Bernina at Create in Irvine earlier this month!   I was drawn to the classrooms with the rows of Bernina sewing still my sewing heart!  Long story short, i was lucky enough to come home with one.  And i must say, there is quite a "Bernina groupie" following out there!  I was so encouraged by other passionate quilters and seamstresses who said again and again, "YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE IT"!!  They were correct. I. LOVE. THIS. MACHINE.!

While i am constantly learning and seeking new creative experiences, i have never done any quilting.  However, i love the discipline and the artistic potential of it.  Free motion stitching and mixed media fabric wall art hold such an appeal for me.  In addition to learning about the machine, i've decided to take the plunge into quilting and free motion sewing.  

I've been practicing with piles of fabric samples i have from a collection i designed for Springs Creative last year.  Lots of messy free motion stitching!  In my mind it is "perfectly imperfect"!  Even going all out on the mixed media thing, and sewing some paper onto the fabric scrap.
 My new machine has 85 decorative stitches!  That will be fun.
 More messy, "perfectly imperfect", free motion practice on my fabric samples.  
 Got brave with some simple white muslin/batting "fabric sandwiches", drawing and doodling with thread and quilting!  Trying new threads, stitches, the possibilities are absolutely endless in this craft.  My first attempts...
But i have to say, adding painted color to the fabric, then stitching has to be my favorite thing of the moment.  
There is such gratification in experimenting and trying new things. practice hearts painted with watercolor then free motion stitched...

 Thanks for visiting!  I'll keep you all posted on my sewing and quilting adventures.  Create with all your heart....

Thursday, June 7, 2012

…it's almost COLOR LOVIN' time!….

….and there's still time to register!  
Join us for some summer color lovin' fun at my new online class, 
It's the he perfect tonic for your creative summer days and vacation bliss.

 Like all me classes, this will take place in real time, but then is open forever for you to come and go as you please.  Join us now or later, either way you're going to be lovin' some color! 
Sign up below and we'll see you soon! 

...a new artful adventure???  
I'm happy to invite you to my new online class…
Whimsical Art Journaling"
with joanne sharpe
Here's the perfect "lazy days of summer" class to embrace and capture bold, bright palettes in a color saturated art journal.  

This class is all about big, bodacious, vivid COLOR techniques using watercolors, inktense and colored pencils, pan pastels, markers and inks.  With 25 dynamic video lessons and pdfs, you'll paint, letter, doodle, draw, blend, spritz and sketch to create 25 color saturated journal pages.
It's summer color lovin'!   
Class samples in this video:

"COLOR LOVE 101": 
Whimsical Art Journaling
Create 25 journal pages in 15 LESSONS
***forever access and networking***
June 11, 2012-July 12, 2012 
(lessons post Mon/Wed/Fri each week)

***Within 24 hours of Paypal receipt you'll receive a welcome letter with supply list and access information.  
Class will launch Monday, June 11, 2012.

See you there in bright bold color!

Monday, June 4, 2012

…oh, Create!!

… you were MAHVELOUS!!!  
Getting ready and experiencing the Create retreat is like a wedding.  
You think and plan and plan and pack and make memories for the cherished event. 
 And then, in the blink of an eye, it's over, it's done! 
That's exactly what it's like teaching at Create, and other art retreats.

 It was such an honor to have the most wonderful students sharing at another Create, this one in Irvine, CA.  I was energized by their kindness and curious enthusiasm for trying new things and making amazing art.
 …my classrooms are always a color FULL mess!...
 …stretching out of our comfort zones...

 …playing, thinking, letting go….
 …sharing, laughing, creating...

 …making those special connections with new "forever art friends"….

 …exploring new techniques and experiencing new art materials…..
 …making beautiful "frame worthy" art work!...
 …Anne here was in THREE of my classes…..and she was a ball of creative wild fire! 
 After her busy artful week, "calm and quiet" was her lettering class theme….
…concentrating, being in the moment, happy, joyful...
…loving some of the dozens and dozens of pens
 i brought for classroom play learning...

…trying new food at lunch with my friend Susie…while in California, 
i had to have my first ever fish taco!
…even had a little time for shopping and laughing with the stylin' Pam Carriker...  
…at my most favorite store on the planet, 
"Fresh Produce" Sportswear in Laguna Beach. 
(Pam thought i was taking her there to buy apples and bananas!) was perfect.
…See you next year in Irvine!  
Create will be back at the Hyatt Regency in 2013 
making art and making friends and making memories...