Monday, February 18, 2013

...thinking you YOU!!

You really are!

I have been trying to juggle many pens and paintbrushes in the air
and this poor blog gets so neglected.  
This year has started off with a bang.
I am teaching and traveling like a mad woman and 
have just returned from 
art events in Anaheim, CA,  Las Vegas, NV and Ontario, Canada.
Talk about being all over the place!
It's all good.
  Loving the beautiful souls that i am 
so blessed to meet along the way, in person and online.
So much creative bliss, pure joy.
It's awesome meeting face to face, my best art friends 
that i never met in person!

Will i be meeting YOU this year??
Just popped in to let you know...
You are LOVED...
 a lot!