Sunday, July 22, 2012

...well, that was fun!!!

Home from a 6 hour drive from Somerset, NJ.  Create, New Jersey is now just a memory, and what a creative flurry it was! I taught four, full classes in 48 hours. Exhausted? Can't be, i am always so grateful that this is my "job". Art is my living, and my living is art! What could be better than an art retreat? Making art, teaching art, making art and meeting the best art friends for life. I am in awe when my students are empowered to be fearless in their creativity. It's incredibly rewarding.

Here are some of my fabulous students with their works in progress. I missed getting photos in every class because my iphone was in my music speaker playing my eclectic assortment of tunes while everyone was working. Dancing to the beat of the iphone, paintbrush and spray inks, it was magical!

So now it's time to pack back up for Art Unraveled in Phoenix  in just 10 days! Looking forward to that steamy good art retreat, my first time in Arizona!

We made One Page Wonder art journals and art friends forever!!!  

A deep thought....
What is more important to you when taking a class and making art?  
Is it the process or the finished art piece??  
What do you do with all your art when it's finished?
Share your thoughts with a comment below...

Friday, July 6, 2012

..."art frosting" anyone?

 I must say that i am completely obsessed with color, color, color and my twinkling paints.  You know them, Twinkling H20's?  "Twinks", those little pots of creamy sparkle goodness.  If they're not on your art table, they are in your stash, or in the "Land of Misfit Art Supplies".  You know, the ones you just don't play with any more?  Well raid that stash, get out your Twinks and meet "Silks", her baby sister!
 Here's a little video tutorial i made with the 

How about a 10% off coupon to purchase your own colorful palette and paint with stars?  Visit the Lumniarte website and use this 
coupon code for your purchase:  sharpeblog10 
 OFFER VALID July 5-15, 2102
 Stock up or give the paints a test drive!

..look at the incredible shine and light on fabric!
...stamp and stencil making vibrant backgrounds... journaling pens work like a dream over the Silks and Twinks!...

If not, join us!  This is what we're talking about.  We are completely immersed in everything color!  And my online classes are open to join anytime, are self paced, with forever access and a live, kooky, chatty Facebook group full of the best friends you never met!
...sparkle doodle pages painted with the"starlight" and that comes from a pot of Twinks or a jar of "Silks"...

These paints "art frosting" for your journal pages, crafts and artwork!  The perfect touch.  They're creamy, like buttah!  
It's "paint candy"!  It's just delicious.

...a whole journal of bling and brightness!
You were born to shine and paint with stars!  Thanks for visiting.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

....the BIG NEWS #3!!

Finally i can spill!  I'll be teaching in 

 This is a dream come true.  I will be hosting a trip with 
"Adventures in Italy" with Kristi and Bill Steiner, September 15-21, 2013.  
I have planned the art adventure of a lifetime to create, inspire, eat, explore and celebrate!  
Find the details for my trip here: "Whimsical Wanderings in Orvieto, Italy",

These images of Orvieto take back to my college days, and four years of art history.  I have never been to Italy and this will be a enlightening experience for me as will as the others who will join me.  We'll capture our travels with art journaling, hand lettering and mixed media art.  No experience required!
 ...I cannot wait to stand in the presence of these breathtaking images.  These are the images i have only known in books, when pulling those "all nighters" in college for my art history exams.  True story!
 ...I cannot wait to touch these ancient art treasures....
...I cannot wait to  devour this color palette and paint the the gorgeous countryside...
 ...I cannot wait to share this with YOU!  
Doesn't this sound incredible?  
All the details can be found here on the Adventures in Italy website
Won't you join me for the art adventure of a lifetime?