Tuesday, March 1, 2011

bird on a wire

Watercoloring in a journal, i'm making art but leaving space for where i can write later.  In a winged heart flower garden, bright and whispy, a Copic colored die cut flower sits, placed in the middle of the pages.  I just got this sweet bird stamp and thought i would incorporate it into the painting. 

 The birds were stamped with my favorite Tim Holtz Distress Ink WILD HONEY.  With my water brush i then added a little shading to the bird bodies, since distress inks react with water.  Also used my Micron pen to doodle some outines.  Happy.

Have you ever seen birds on a wire?  There are always scores of them all lined up, and you wonder what they are waiting for.  They wait and sit, wait and sit.    It's a great thought on life... not to just sit around waiting for things to happen, waiting for things to come to you….."Don't be like a bird on a wire waiting for the good things to come…instead FLY to see all there is to see and be……be the one to fly"…..


  1. Hi Joanne! Thanks so much for your comment! I probably have said this before but I LOVE YOUR ART!!!! It is fun and happy and I love your lettering too. You know that I love cool looking lettering!

  2. This is soooooo good! It makes me smile!
    P.S. Birds are so funny when they line up like this--which one decides to sit on the wire, I wonder :)

  3. I tried to comment earlier -- I love - *love* **LOVE** your work!! SO fun!! Where can I buy some?!?