Tuesday, August 31, 2010

on a blog roll

Yes, on a roll, bloggin' like a champ!

 I'm liking the look back on my "Summer Series" art journals.  Here is a page spread in its beginning stages earlier this summer on my studio floor, .ArtPSflight7

The facing pages are painted with my signature colorful layers of Golden Fluid Acrylics, then loosely outlined with white paint brushed outlines.


Soon the painted pages to come to life with doodles, dots, outlines, inspirations.  It's full of all the elements i love and overdo, that i sprawl across every page.  It's okay. I like this series full of experiments, it's loose, messy, busy and vibrant.  It apparently is the summer of the white paint pen! Drawing details and lettering are created using the fine and medium tips.


and, i'm ready for my closeup.....let your soul take flight!!


art journal painting


This is the next page in my "Summer Series" art journal.  The "Summer Series" is much play and experimentation directing me in the next way to go.  It's important to me, to constantly seek new techniques to expand my work.  In this image, i painted my patterns on layers and layers with Golden Fluid Acrylics.  I first put down blocks of color, then outlined them with more color.  Then, painted leaves, dots, stripes and then shading the elements.

It's something different for me, NO WORDS!!!  I liked this painting just as it was, and decided not to word over it.

p.s. that little red smooge is some kind of UFPO (Unidentified Flying Paint Object)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

art and puppy breath

Every today truly is the time of your life.  Sometimes it seems that we are always rushing through all our daily moments to get to the next moments!  I see my little 8 week old puppy "Teddie" so  small and sweet, wishing there was a miniature golden retriever breed!.  Knowing she will quickly grow to 50-60 pounds makes me stop and be conscious of the moments that pass so quickly.  So today, i choose to "cherish the puppy breath moments"!