Saturday, March 5, 2011

NEW!…daily art on Facebook

You're invited!  Come on over to Facebook to the new
where i'm posting an inspirational art piece every day!!

I've always wanted to share art daily basis, like one of those "page a day" kind of calendars.  It seemed that blogging everyday might get annoying.  I won't be writing about it, like i do here on the blog, just sharing one piece of art on the Facebook page for readers to enjoy with their morning coffee or as a pick me up in the middle of the day.  If your not on Facebook, i'll still have the Whimsical Wednesday post where i'll reflect on the artwork.
This is a great opportunity for me, as incentive and motivation to consistently keep creating and journaling things to share.  The daily images will be my virtual "art everyday" calendar, and hopefully the messages will speak to you, find their way into your heart, lift you up, or make you laugh and smile.
 Hope to see you there and


  1. Cute creation and great concept to commit to regularly creating something because we know it makes our soul soar

  2. Hi, Joanne!!! Thanks for the invite! I am heading over to join up and to see your work on FB. You are soooo talented!!!:)


  3. So cute!
    Always a pleasure to visit your site.

  4. Hi Joanne

    I am glad to meet you!
    I am a fellow brave girl
    I love the thought of whimsical wednesday
    I'll see you then!

  5. Hi Joanne, I'm so glad to have found you through Brave Girls and the Soul Restoration Workshop. <3

  6. Hi Joanne! Greetings from a fellow Brave Girl. Your work is amazing!!! I'll definitely be clicking through to Facebook and enjoying your daily inspiration. Thanks so much! ~Kathy

  7. Hi Joanne, I'm a fellow Brave Girl as well, and found you from a link through our blog hop this weekend. You are an AMAZING artist, thank you for sharing all of it... I am in love with your color and your whimsperations! My hometown is just outside of Rochester...I'll wave in your general direction the next time I am "home". :)

  8. Followed a link to get here and am so glad I did. I love this piece.

  9. Wow! Great idea. Can't wait to see your work everyday-Thanks for sharing with us Joanne!