Thursday, June 6, 2013

...whimsical "wabi-sabi"...

Wabi-sabi what?  Here's a post that is "outside of my art box", and it's fun!  I'm so excited to be a part of my friend Serena Barton's blog hop today, after reviewing her brand new book "wabi-sabi ART WORKSHOP".  She even has a blog about the book HERE.  Serena is an incredible mixed media artist and a sweet, wonderful soul,  a fellow instructor on the teaching circuit with me.  When you pick up this beautiful technique book, you'll see that my artwork is way, way different from the "wabi-sabi" art on pages with detailed techniques and samples.  I think i am so intrigued with this art principle, because i like the way "wabi-sabi" sounds when you say it, LOL!!
Check out my other friends sharing their "wabi-sabi".  As artists, we are all so unique and our different approach to making art is what makes sharing our work such a magical experience.  Many of my closest friends are artists with styles that are completely the opposite of mine.  The beauty of these rich friendships is that we celebrate and share our artwork and talents. 
6/1: Sara Naumann
6/3: Jill Berry 

6/4 Carol Sloan 
6/5 Liz Kettle
6/6 Joanne Sharpe
6/8 Seth Apter
6/9 Alicia Caudle
6/10 Pam Carriker

I love Serena's book and i am "playing in the wabi-sabi sandbox"  today, sharing my own interpretation of the concept in how i make my own mixed media art shown in this painted and stitched mini quilt.

Wabi-sabi is creative concept as Serena defines in the book as: "a Japanese term that refers to that which is imperfect, impermanent, aged, humble and authentic.”  I especially responded to the ideas of "imperfect and authentic" with my free motion quilt.  It is very organic where line and color are guided by the randomness of how the painted dye spread on the white fabric.  Stitching enhanced the image to allow the "happy accidents" to pop. 

 This is my "wabi-sabi"....feeling the brush create the colorful image.... the sewing stitches following the organic movement in each painted puddle... it's authentically handmade celebrating the gorgeous imperfections.

Serena's book is full of techniques and ideas that i can't wait to try!  It's the kind of book i know i will read over and over, taking me out of my comfort zone, inspiring new directions for my artwork.  I would like to use my vivid bright color palette with some of her really cool mixed media techniques while embracing all the principles of wabi-sabi.  These concepts challenge my creativity, bringing me to a to a higher spiritual level with my art, to embrace the world and celebrate imperfection and happy accidents.  
If you have taken classes from me, you know that my favorite lesson is...
 "my perfection is being perfectly imperfect."

To celebrate "wabi-sabi ART WORKSHOP", Serena is having a giveaway of her original art!  
To enter, go visit Serena's new wabi sabi art workshop blog. Leave a comment there for the prize drawing on June 8th.  Have fun finding your own "wabi-sabi"!