Friday, May 29, 2009

VISIT MY Studio in my NEIGHBORING BLOG: Art and Soul Fairport

There's a new blog in town and it's all about my studio shop in Fairport, New York, yipeeeee!!  I hope to somehow figure out how to connect both of my blogs for easy reference. 

Why TWO blogs???  Well, i get 3 blogs from Typepad with the account i use.  With my "WHIMSPIRATIONS", personal blog (this one) i want to share my creative journey as an artist, product designer, as well share project ideas and techniques.  

On my STUDIO BLOG,  i'll communicate the happenings, classes and gatherings at my Fairport shop. 

.....imagine the possibilities, there is so much to be creative about!


(One of the huge 8 ft handpainted canvas banners i created for Camp Stella Maris, Conesus Lake, NY)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ranger University

It's official...i am a CERTIFIED RANGER EDUCATOR!!  Last week i had the honor and privilege (with 23 other people from all over the world) to attend "Ranger University"  in Tinton Falls, New Jersey.  This very cool company, Ranger Industries prides itself in that, most all of their products are made in the USA!  We even toured their on site factory and was a Willy Wonka experience for the art nerds like me!

This insanely intense 3 day "art class" was conducted to familiarize store owners and artist/designers with the potential of the boatload of Ranger products.  With their inks, paints, mediums, etc, we learned about 80 new creative techniques.  The experience was beyond incredible, and quite a IMGP1232 conversion experience for me.......the opportunity to stretch artistically and collect new ideas to reinvent my class programs. 

Look at all the "STUFF" we got, art treasure, a bounty of creative toys.....

From 9am til 6-7pm each day we created under the expert teaching of Tim Holtz, (the King of Inks) Suze Weinberg (the Melting Pot) and Claudine Hellmuth  (the painter).  These folks are kinda the "rock stars" in the art/hobby industry internationally.  It was a thrill to have them share all their knowlege and tricks of the trade with us.

Me and Tim Holtz.  What a great guy, such a brilliant artist and innovative teacher.  Never met anyone like him!


And below, me and Suze Weinberg.  She is the Queen of the "Melting Pot", the daVinci of molten art plastic. SUZERU  She's a hoot, and so talented.


Suze, Claudine and Tim at our "Designer Forum".

BRINGING IT ALL HOME!!!  New Ranger tools all over my studio, ready to create new classes and programs... (for scrapbooking, stamping, painting, home dec, jewelry, canvas, cardmaking, collage and more).  Stay tuned for the rebirth of Art & Soul Studio!!  I'm over the moon with all these tools and the endless possibilities that i can teach and share.

IMGP1230IMGP1234 IMGP1231 IMGP1239

Monday, April 13, 2009

My 3 SONS all the same age, and they're not triplets....

This is the last day in 2009 my three boys are all the same age............for the past 20 years, just for one month, you'd think we have triplets!  What a great time that was when from March 12,1990-April 15, 1990 Matthew, and twins Kevin and Brian were all ONE!!! (no wonder we're a little nuts)

Matthew turns 21 on April 15th....Happy Birthday Mattie!! Oldschoolfam

Getting this blog party started for real!

Oh, the pressure!!!!!!!!!!!  Not sure why starting this blog is giving me panic
attacks??  Well, not really, it's just thinking up things that will be
interesting enough for everyone will want to read.  My blog will share my art
journey....the journey that i travel everyday, so come check it out.....

1) i design products for several giftware, fabric and apparel and manufacturers...i
will share the product samples as i get them.

 2) i have a wholesale business creating and selling fun handpainted signs
to about 175 small reDSCF9031tailers keeps me happy and is nice constant Joanne 180 work.


3) i teach creative arts classes to adults and children in my colorful cozy
studio, "Art and Soul Studio" in the village of Fairport and also take my classes on the road. 

4) i do art every day... i paint, write, doodle, letter, invent, stamp, cut, paste and create every day....

...i'm so blessed to be able to do what feeds my spirit and soul........

Monday, February 2, 2009

Let the next Century begin!

PLAQUEGoodOne  Well, i made it through yesterday, February 1st, 2009, the landmark day of turning 50 years old!!!  Ouch.  Funny, when i said i was turning 50, people said "congratulations!!"  Thought i had won a prize or something.

My wonderful hubby Tom, threw the nicest bash for about 30 of us.  That was just our parents, siblings and our kids!!  Much food, wine and great fun! 

So i continue my creative journey, with a colorful, bright vision.  I designed this little resin plaque for one of my manufacturers. (they never did produce them)  I love how this sample came out, but even more, i love the message.................just be. Whatever that is.... Be a good one. 

Saturday, January 31, 2009

It's all about the Queen........

ShirtPINKQueenOne of my favorite new quotes!  Just for one day a year, i get to be the Queen for the Day.  Althought i throughly enjoy being the Queen of a Bunch of Things, the one day i really dread is the Birthday Queen.  Especially this big birthday tomorrow.........ick.  No clapping please.

Friday, January 30, 2009

How the @#$&*! did i get to be fifty!!!

JoanneHORSE ...Finally ready to just be comfortable with the creative ME that i am supposed to be.

 On the eve of my 50th Birthday i seek to recreate my artistic destiny by sharing in and with the creative community that lives here in Blogland... (by the way,  there is absolutely no way that i can be 50 already, as i feel like i have been 24 for years now... okay well that's another story for another day)......

"WHIMSPIRATIONS" is art and words that hope to inspire, empower and entertain you...enjoy!

It has nothing to do with a pony.

Since i can't sleep, this would be a great time to start my artist blog...

#307E Quote Sheet - Sleeping Women