Tuesday, June 29, 2010

"painted posies ipad".....

And now for something completely different!  Here is my soft sided ipad case. Love my new ipad!  But this pathetic bag was just too "plain jane" for me, as shown below: (starting the base painting with gesso.) DSCN1245

 So, of course it had to be a drenched in Golden Paints*!  I painted my signature "painted posies", and  (those are not white painted dots on the bag)  I smothered them in Golden's Glass Bead Gel!  Now that's some cool stuff, bring on the bling!  It adds sparkle and texture and loves how it catches the light.  The coverage is thick, rich and so bright.  (*Brought this to Golden Paints with me, and had the thrill of sharing it with the company owner, Mark Golden)  



 I had such fun painting my own, i made another one for my good friend Jen, who owns a new toy company, called Zwirlz.  The bright colores stars and bead gel bling, it fit her energy just perfectly!  

It's a HAPPY THING!!!  (you know how Martha Stewart has "Good Things"?)  Well, along that thought, I have "HAPPY THINGS"... fun stuff, joyful things that just make you happy.......and these painted posies cases......"IT'S A HAPPY THING".....


  1. Now we ALL want one :)))) Deb

  2. I might have to get an iPad just as an excuse to have a beautiful Happy Thing case. So joyful!! :-)