Thursday, June 3, 2010

BENCHES ON PARADE....joyful, artfull!!

It has been quite an honor, and a privilege to paint, create and exhibit my artwork in the Benches On Parade  adventure.  Click on the link you can see where ALL the benches are located and keep up on all the happenings.  The VIP reception in May was magical!  The folks at Dixon Scwabl did an amazing job creating a benches preview "gallery" empty industrial warehouse transformed into a colorful whimsical park, complete with trees, benches, pathways, oh and wine!  A great party!!DSCN1201 

We were some of the last people to leave! 

 Thank you to the paparazzi photographer, my husband Tom Sharpe, for the great photos he took for me, of all the benches, and candids at this event.  I am so grateful for all the support he gives me, as my greatest art cheerleader!  

MY UNITY HEALTH BENCH "Make A Positive Difference": Now located at Greece Ridge Mall


My WCMF BENCH "Long Live Rock": Now located at Greece Ridge Mall


MY VISIT ROCHESTER BENCH "Make Yourself at Home": Now located on East Avenue, Rochester in front of the Reidman building.


My ROCHESTER GENERAL HOSPITAL BENCH "Be the Change": now located on Main Street, Pittsford village in front of Ben and Jerry's (so go get a cone and relax on my bench!)

...and last but not least, my WBEE BENCH "FLAT TERRY": Now located in Marketplace Mall.  A great homage to my dear sweet friend Terry Clifford of WBEE Morning Club.
...and the beautiful REAL TERRY on FLAT TERRY!  I just love her!DSCN1188 

This project was such great fun.  It was pure joy to share these creations with my sponsors, my family and friends and now the community.  Thanks to Dixon Schwabl for this project, the creative visionaries that gave the project life.  So proud to be a part of this adventure.

I was giddy to meet Lauren Dixon, the simply fabulous powerhouse of Dixon Schwabl. I have admired her for years!  Meeting Lauren brought me full circle in my creative journey, as i always dreamed of  working in any capacity with this innovative artsy agency.  (Gotta love the vision board!)DSCN1176 

How lucky for me to share in this spectacular  project... in all it's artful glory, 117 white fiberglass monstrosities transformed into pure magic......  



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