Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Whimsical Wednesday: "LITTLE JACK TUFFET"

Have you heard about the "make your own tuffet" craze yet?  Sewing shops all over the country are hosting these workshops.  I'd like to share my "Whimsical Wednesday" logo today.  It's art from my coloring book placed in the middle of the tuffet I made in January.  In January, the teachers at my BERNINA store in Rochester, NY had a "tuffet class" in just  two Saturdays.  Since I wasn't traveling I treated myself to the time and the learning experience.  I made a tuffet!  It' looks ridiculously difficult but it was a very simple process, you just have to make sure you have the right materials.  There is an online tuffet class on  taught by the creator of this particular process, Sharon Cole from "The Tuffet Source".  You can find everything you need to make a tuffet on Sharon's website.

The "in person" class was perfect for me.  Show up for just two classes and project done!   

THE IDEA BEHIND THIS WHIMSICAL WEDNESDAY???  If your creative self is calling you, take the time to try something new, treat yourself to a project or class.  In my own life I personally make this a practice in growing and reinventing myself on my artful journey.  It's so good for your soul and spirit.  

I'm so proud of my tuffet and KNEW that it would be a "cat tuffet" as my bengal cat Jack demonstrates here.  At least I made some functional art!



  1. So that's what a tuffet is! I love it!

  2. all of your art is functional... it's happy

  3. I made one too. Aren't they great! Very whimsical.

  4. That is defenately one with a great WOW factor! Love it <3

    xx Tessa

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