Thursday, January 10, 2013

...getting this arty party started!!

.......ABCDEFGeeeee Won't you come and play with me????
...a color full pile of handmade business cards i made,
 all original little artworks to share at CHA...
I'm off to CHA (Craft and Hobby Association trade show) this weekend in Anaheim, CA to demo, work and play.  This is the international event where all the manufacturers of any creative product come to celebrate and showcase their wares.  Attending the show is like being at an artsy Disneyland!!  But then again, Disneyland is only 2 blocks from the Convention Center, so it will surely be the happiest place on earth!

Have you seen the January/February 2013 issue of Cloth Paper Scissors??  That's my painted and free motion stitched art on the cover!  There's also my article in the issue on how to create this painted and stitched art with muslin and batting.  
Here is the issue with the original art that just arrived back home to me.  
It's a dream come true to be the "cover girl"!

...i was so thrilled to see the issue on the shelf at Wegmans, my local grocery store!

So now, let's get on with the arty party!
Hoping we can create together this year, check out my 2013 teaching schedule...

So far, i've scheduled 11 teaching events in 2013.  
I can't tell you how excited i am to be on the road sharing creativity with like minded souls.  
Registration is open for most of these events  and classes are filling quickly.  
Just click on each link to view class samples and details. 

  Will i be in your area?  

Come and explore, and let's create together....experience artful hand lettering, whimsical colorful painting, awesome alphabets, decorative doodling, juicy journaling, painting fabric, free motion sewing and more! 

Looking forward to sharing more 
of this artful journey with YOU 
and i'll see you somewhere!


  1. you are not coming to a city near me, so that means I must travel to you :) Thanks for the list !

  2. No where near your home town !!!! How about Canandaigua, New York ??????? I want to attend one of your classes !!!

  3. Congratulations Jo on so many accomplishments. Saw the feature (and the cover) of CPS - tremendous! Glad our paths will cross and cross and cross again teaching this year. Enjoy CHA. Hope to see some pics and maybe hear some stories :-)

  4. I sooo wished I could see you locally. I hope your enjoying CHA. I'm loving all the amazing BTS that I've seen thus far & boy oh boy, you have to be in heaven.
    Safe Travels & if only...I would I could join you in one of your workshops. It will be on my wishlist.
    HUGS xx

  5. Congratulations on being a cover girl! You totally deserve it. I live in Colombia...but getting ready to buy in St hopefully next time you're there.

  6. Congrats on your CPS cover! I'm looking forward to taking classes from you in April at Art and Soul Kansas City!

  7. Score! I got one of those cards! Wonderful! Congrats on the Cover Spot as well...amazing work! It was awesome to meet you in the van, although too short! I hope to take one of your classes some time! I wish you the best!

  8. It was fun meeting you at CHA and watching you at the Splash of Color booth for a bit. I'm looking into the Kansas City event, but their website isn't working. :( I'll try again later!

  9. Great fun to finally meet you at CHA. It was a great show full of new creative adventures and friends to meet. Congrats on the publications.

  10. This looks like great fun and I ordered a subscription to the magazine. I wish I were going to be in town in August(I live in Illinois) and would love to go to one of your functions.

  11. Yay! You ARE going to be near me in March (Savage, MD). Hope to see you then!

  12. I loved your article in CPS, but when I tried to watercolor on muslin, the paint spread all over and was very pale. How did you get such sharp, vibrant colors?