Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"Letter Love 101: Art Journals" online class… NOW OPEN!!

…the hottest artful Lettering Class online!

Introducing my first online workshop: "Letter Love 101: Art Journals"
...i'm proud to offer this workshop teaching creative lettering for your art journals,mixed media and scrapbooking. 

with mixed media lettering artist Joanne Sharpe
29 LESSONS: $35
***Classroom access invitation will be sent from Joanne Sharpe
 within 24 hours of Paypal registration confirmation*** 
***Forever open classroom***
We'll be creating THREE playful journals with a focus on artful lettering, illustrated words, doodled quotes and spectacular decorative pages. Brand new, sophisticated art content will grow your confidence in your lettering journal skills.  No experience required!
  • 29 DAYS of instruction, inspirations and journaling projects 
  • Unlimited access forever!  Private blog
  • Daily lessons format, but enjoy it all at YOUR OWN pace!
  • 20 entertaining technique videos
  • 15 photo tutorials
  • 12 pdfs to print and keep
  • Teacher feedback and critique
  • All of the above will feature fun, enjoyable, detailed video demos, journal samples, lettering pages, inspirational quotes booklet, supply resources and class Flickr gallery 
  • An incredible value 29 LESSONS for $35


29 Lessons
Within 24 hours of Paypal receipt, 
You will receive a protected link with 
immediate access into the classroom. 


  1. hi Joanne- Can I still start? Do we need any special supplies?

  2. This are extraordinary works. I am amazed with it.

    Sample letters

  3. Good luck with your workshop - I just opened one too on feb7. Just saw your spread in Art Journaling and loved it - I too am a major copic user - how do you become a certified copic instructor? Never knew that existed.
    Good luck again - love your work

  4. are your techniques only for copic markers?

  5. I have to say I am having a blast in this workshop! Where primitive art has always been my passion the explosion of color and lettering has been fun beyond my wildest expectation! Joanne this is one AMAZING workshop!!!!! Just wanted you to know you are doing one fantastic job and I'm loving every minute of it :)

  6. Is this class going to be available to take forever? I really want to take it but right now just isn't a good time to do so.

  7. hola!
    me encanta!
    publiqué mis primeras tarjetas, por si me quieres visitar
    me encantaría que me den opiniones
    porque estoy comenzando y necesito aprender mucho!
    desde Santiago de Chile

  8. I found this through Sandi who says this is a must and I agree! Can we sign up a bit later?? Like maybe in a few weeks?? I would LOVE to take this!!!

    1. The class is now open for forever! Join when you can, it's self paced! xxoxo

  9. Joanne - have just posted about my latest lesson 5 creation. Can't believe what you have taught me already - LOVING it :-) Thanks

  10. Every time I do a new post I share the love with a link to here...hope you are getting lots more sign ups

  11. The second video was very helpful in explaining your class. You should put this on youtube!! I am now excited to take this class, going to look for some copics:)) Interestingly i just bought a graph composition book yesterday for lettering:) yeah. Thanks for the quick copic review, very helpful!! Also gave me an idea of how you teach, so very helpful in deciding to take your class! thanks again :))

  12. Hello, I know I'm a little late but have just signed up and am really excited about getting started. I look forward to receiving your email giving me details of how I can log onto the site. Thank you, I'm really looking forward to this course! Em

  13. I too just signed up and looking forward to improving my lettering

  14. I've purchased your class, have emailed you twice (may have gone to spam) and still have not received a response or email with the link. PLEASE contact me at aee.kimmel@gmail.com I'm stoked to do this class! THANKS! :)

  15. Just purchased your class looks like so much fun - love the bright colors you use and the lettering is AWESOME! Can't wait to start.

  16. I just paid via paypal. Will I receive an email or do I need to sign up somewhere?

  17. Hi, Joanne! I hope your class will be open to late starters. I'm currently in three other online classes, so I'm a tad overbooked at the moment. BUT, will surely want to take your class when I'm finished with the others. Thanks for offering it!


  19. Getting ready to hit the pay-pal button. Effy Wild said to say she directed me here. Very excited to start. Guess I need to go shopping.

  20. Hi Joanne,
    I just purchased your class thru paypal and no link has been sent, checked spam too. How long is the turnaround time before I can start?

  21. Hi Joanne, Just found your site. I have been wanting to learn some lettering but not sure where or how to begin. seems a daunting task. Would this workshop be suited to someone like me who is starting at ground zero? Thanks for any direction you can offer.

  22. Hi Joanne, I just found your class by following a trail of links starting with pinterest.

    I would really like to do Letter Love, but am in the UK and am having trouble signing up via paypal. Am I missing something? I clicked your link and accessed my paypal account but there's no mention of you there. I thought maybe I should just make a straight forward payment to you, but don't know the email address to do that.

    Also, as I am in the UK, I had to look up most of the supplies you listed in the video, many are not available in the UK unless I want to pay extortionate international shipping costs, Do you think this class is appropriate for me if I can not get say decorative duct tape (we have only regular ugly grey or black!)or Strathmore paper pads?

    I'd really appreciate you getting back to me about this as I really need to learn some lettering techniques.

  23. Hi Joanne,

    It looks like this class was last year. Can folks still take your class??


    1. Yes Chris, all my classes are open to join any time and are self paced with very active networking groups on Facebook. Hope you'll join us!

  24. Hi Joanne,

    I just signed up this evening and went out and found all of my supplies. So excited to start.

    Shannon Beesley

  25. Hi! I signed up a couple of days ago, and PayPal has processed my payment and removed it from my account... just wondering how long it will take to get access. I know it says 24 hours, but it's been 2.5 days now... Thanks!

  26. Hi Joanne, I have bought your book. Is letter love 101 different than your book or very similair? Do you recommend 101 or 201

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