Sunday, October 2, 2011

peek inside the pages and my studio...

It has been such a thrill to be published in my favorite art publications.   Recently, my work and studio art life was featured in Stampington's SOMERSET APPRENTICE magazine and the Cloth Paper Scissors STUDIOS publication.  What fun it is to go to the store with your work on the shelves.  It never gets old!
 The Apprentice magazine is a fully illustrated technique book!  This has always been one of my "go to" resources for exploring new techniques and finding inspiration from articles with so many new ideas.
They featured my "faux epoxy" technique in my art journal.  It's a great way to bling up the pages.
 My heart went pitter patter when, on the same rack,  i saw the Art Journaling magazine that also features my work.

Cloth Paper Scissors STUDIOS magazine is a delight!  Oodles of wonderful ideas for making your perfect creative space.
Here's my article in the "studio vignettes" section.  Look at my perfect studio!!  Didn't i have an insane cleaning marathon to get it looking all pretty for publication??  You betcha.  Now i can barely find anything!!
  My son Kevin is the photographer and took these great pictures for the article.  He just graduated from college with a degree in Art Education.  We are so proud to see his first published byline!
The article was great, i was so pleased!

The "art up that studio" column is such fun!

Nothing out of place…...
…when in actuality, the real studio always entertains a pet of some kind.   Teddie, My one year old golden retriever, is very comfy on my wicker couch!

 This was my daughter Meghan's room when she lived at home.  When she moved out into her own apartment a few years ago, we had the place emptied and repainted in 4 days!  Poor Meghan.  It was always a dream to have a nice art studio in my house.
 The best part is having a place to work at all hours, leave everything where it is and close the door.  It's a dream come true after spending so many years creating on the dining room table then having to pick everything up for family meals!

I'm always tucking fun things in the window panes.  This view is usually of 9 ft of snow in the 6 months of winter bizzards we have here in Rochester!
 Okay, i admit.  Pen hoarder?  Absolutely!

 I love my art room.
Hope you had a nice visit in my creative space in and out of the magazine.  I am treasuring these pics right now, as you can imagine what my art working, "lived in" studio really looks like!  Here's a hint…."Hurricane Jo" with paper, pens and paint!


  1. congratulations on your publications! it is exciting to have your artwork published. i love your art room!

  2. LOVE it Jo!! I did read the CPS STUDIOS article…so proud of you! Looking forward to reading the others! Rock on!

  3. How incredible to be in so many great publications!

  4. OOhh, I love seeing the peak inside your room! And how exciting for your sons first byline to be on your article!!

  5. Thanks for my laugh of the day when you said you could hardly find anything in your perfectly clean studio!!! How absolutely true! :)

  6. love your craft room. the wall color if perfect. it was nice meeting you at artis. your work is amazing and i look forward to your next blog post.

  7. Joanne, Your beautiful art is so inspiring and how lucky you are to create in such a magical place, I can see why Teddie loves it so much:) Thank you for sharing your amazing gifts with us and congratulations on such a wonderful article!


  8. how exciting to have your work in print. congratulations. i've not ever picked up the apprentice issue, i'll have to look for one. great da vinci quote.

  9. Major congratulations on all the publications - in all the best places too. Great to see your studio and find out where the magic happens. Amazing!

  10. Wauw, your creative space looks awesome: no wonder you make such a beautiful art!
    Btw: Congratulations on such a wonderful article!

  11. Ooooh wow.... I also do LOVE your art room :-) All those cool stuff: don;t you wanna play there the whole day??

    xx Tessa

  12. Congratulations on your publications and thank you for sharing your beautiful crafting space!

  13. It's so exciting to see you take off in all these publications. I hope it leads to wonderful things for you!