Monday, August 29, 2011

August in Review

I can't remember having a busier month with so many creative adventures!  This blog has been inexcusably absent due to my high volume of art tasks.  It was crazy!!!  Crazy good of course, so let's review.

The first three weeks of August found me in my art studio conducting 6 Art Camps for 65 sweet little art girls.
Having been a classroom art teacher for 30 years, I miss teaching kids and summer art camp fills that void.  These are "my girls"!

 The cutest little artists ever!!  I am so blessed to have so many wonderful people, families and kids in my creative life.

In the evenings i had several art journaling and mixed media classes with my adult students.  These are my "regulars".  Love them!

There was also the deadline for art submissions for Art Journaling magazine which i couldn't miss!  I completed 3 journals and sent them off to Stampington.
Just a little tiny tease peek!!  They are spectacular inside, i hope they get chosen!

In the midst of the studio and submissions buzz was the preparation for Create in Chicago where i would be teaching 4 classes on Lettering, Journaling and Copics.  A bazillion pens, paints, sprays, inks and goodies to organize, kit, pack and ship in time for the event August 23rd.
Everything arrived safe and sound and was organized into the specific workshop.  The week was amazing!!!!!!!  I cannot adequately express the good feelings returning from this incredible event sponsored by Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine.  The people, the classes, the new art friends, the laughter, the joy, the art……….sigh.
I will dedicate an entire post to my Create experience this week. 

I first have to unpack my bags that just arrived today (Monday) as they have been in Philly since Saturday, due to my "5 minutes to spare" (literally) connecting flight from Chicago.  Yes another adventure getting home to Rochester, NY, from Chicago the day Hurricane Irene decides to visit the east coast!

Hee hee…
I drag these bags from class to class and call them my 
"Leopard Suitcase Traveling Art Studio".

So there's a little glimpse into the fleeting month of August in my crazy good art world.  Keep checking back for some fun posts i have planned for this coming this week.
Thanks for visiting!


  1. Love all those bright happy student faces with their works of art!!! Thank you for sharing your August whirlwind of color and joy!!!

  2. Can't wait to read your blog about the CREATE retreat! I'm still reeling from the excitement and fun. As soon as I get my things put back in my "studio", I'm diving in and will be busy creating! Hugs!

  3. Welcome BACK! Safely, thankfully! Loved the kids; glad you got to get them in your schedule! Looking forward to ... more! XO

  4. So glad you had a safe trip home! Still playing in my new journal... Thanks for a wonderful class.

  5. it sounds like you blinked and august was gone!! but, oh what a happy ride you've had!! hope your september is just as fun and creative!!! xoxo

  6. Your classes look like so much fun. I cant wait to see the Chicago Class blog post-I wish I was there. Hopefully next time. Thanks Joanne!

  7. We MISSED your blog!! Such fun faces, such NEAT supplies... Hope to see more of your work in September.

    Nancy Sapp