Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Art at Create! Chicago

Oh Create! Chicago, you are just a distant memory, and you have filled my heart with artful goodness, lifelong friends.  Here is the first installment of my Create! adventure.

I had the best students ever!!
 Everyone loves to color in the Copic class!  It was such a thrill to see the students practicing blending on their coloring journals with my flower stamps!  So sweet!

 Artful Lettering with Faber Castell and Sakura pens galore and Pan Pastels!  The girls loved the creamy vibrant color and the palettes were a huge hit!

Wait until i show you my new Peerless Watercolors that everyone got to try in class!
What touched me most at this event was my newly acquired "art friends" from all over the country.  It's a wonderful way to live a creative life, "Everyone Needs their Art Friends".  How lucky are we to have actual art friends??!!!  It's the best.

the whole experience full of joy and color………
"how can you not be happy with all this color!"


  1. Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing and I am so glad I met you!

  2. So cool, wish I could have been there!

  3. looks like so much fun.. oh my... my trvl budget is NIL.. some day i'll be able to attend... one of these, or maybe one day, even teach!

  4. so much fun! THRILLED WE FINALLY GOT to meet in person!

  5. I love color. It looks like wonderful fun!

  6. Beautiful! All these words are so true!! Thanks for sharing...really love your work!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. So wish I could have been there, thanks for sharing! Wish, too, you had some sort of class or whatnot in your hometown so when I'm home visiting my parents I could take a class with you! :) So pretty...

  8. Those are gorgeous! I love that they are handwritten, too. I love creative lettering.
    What a great thing to do in Chicago! I'm originally from that city so I'm probably biased. :)
    (Stopping by from Brave Girls. I'm a new member.)

  9. Incredible job! Love those water colours, they are so vibrant, not at all washed out.

    Christy from Tiddly Inks sent me your link for inspiration - hats off to you, lovely work. You inspired the following post: