Wednesday, December 8, 2010

a snowy day

Art for today is my flag pictured below, along with the heaps of snow blanketing us in upstate New York this week.  It sure is beginning to LOOK alot like Christmas, a picture perfect post card!  It snowed for four days straight, and is still sprinkling here and there.

"Welcome Snowman" Flag, one of my designs from Lowes a few years ago, one of my favorites.

 The view out our backyard, our property backs up to a forever wild nature preserve.  As snowy, and as cold as it gets, it's always so gorgeous.  Unless it's April and there's still snow, and that has happened!



  1. much snow did you did live in the land of the perpetual snowstorm!! PS>..the snowman....JUST THE CUTEST!!

  2. Love looking at your snow--but I don't want any of my own!!