Friday, December 3, 2010

just fly...

"She said she could fly...why won't she fly?"
....sometimes we know we can, and we don't.  Whatever it is, when you choose not to, you aren't stretching your wings.  Define what keeps you from really soaring.  You said you can fly, so just fly.   

A little black and white inspiration today, whimsical doodle in the most wonderful little sketch book.  Strathmore has a brand new product line of "Visual Journals" with a collection of paper surfaces that will take on assorted creative materials like ink, paint, paper, collage, marker, crayon, pastels, and more.  I'm crazy about them!  This is a Pitt pen on the Visual Journal Drawing book.  Love how it took the black ink.

The book is sitting on background fabric from a JoAnn Fabrics collection that i designed last season. (and all sold out)  There will be more of these fabrics in my Visual Journals to come.

December Daily #3, done.

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