Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December Daily...

I've seen some of my artsy inky scrappy friends doing a "December Daily" journal, scrapbooks, blogs, etc.  It is commitment to daily recollect and reflect, appreciate and share.  What a great idea!  So i will do the same, and will post everyday til Christmas, hoping to be a little inspirational, joyful and grateful.

Today i am joyful and grateful for the beautiful first snow that we had in upstate New York, just gorgeous.  What was really fun, bringing my "big puppy" (6 months old, 54 lbs) Teddie out to experience her first snow.

This summer born pup had never seen snow!

ahhh........she like!
Bolting in typical Golden Retriever fashion, thus the leash....
  A good simple sweet moment...

My art inspiration for you today comes from this art journal page.  Reflecting on the "simple things" that make life hopeful and magical.  

"Faith, trust and pixie dust".....

1 comment:

  1. Teddie looks like she had a great time in the snow! So much better than MUD!!!

    In honor of Teddie, I would love to see some of your 'golden' creations soon!! Whimsical Teddie needs to be created!!! ;-))

    Kathy "Gotta Be a Golden is JUST a dog!!" Hearn
    Ontario, NY