Monday, October 24, 2011

a whole journal...

Finished.  Done.  No more pages to fill, ready for it's permanent place in history!  

Today i wanted to post a bunch of art.  My schedule has been so crazy, you are probably wondering where my art has been??!!  I absolutely, create every day, mostly in my drawing journals.  Here's half a book, enjoy!

I completely filled my little my little green Handbook journal this weekend.  The book has 128 toothy pages which means that i illustrated 256  pages!  Here are about 70 of those pages.  Can you imagine this blog post if i had ALL 256 pages posted!  That's a lot of cawfee sipping as you scroll through the pages!

Many of the pages are my brainstorms and ideas for projects, classes and workshops.  

Lots of watercolor in this journal.  This particular brand of journal, Handbook loves paint and marker!  
It's my favorite for bright, vibrant color.

Love the little pocket in the back that you can store your treasures.
The elastic band is great for wrapping it all up!  And so, it's a wrap!
…it's on to the next one, "My Little Red Journal".  So many fresh blank pages awaiting my artful wisdom...

Friday, October 21, 2011

Mingle winner!!!


Heidi Mireles said…

I would love to win a copy of MINGLE. As far as a themed party I hosted a Backwards Inside-out 16th birthday party for my daughter. 16 year old girls have scary creative minds. They were funny and well behaved.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

a mingling giveaway!…...

 Have you seen this?  The new magazine from Stampington called Mingle???  It's fantastic!  With a group of other Stampington artists, i was honored to be one of the first to preview this publication….  AND I'M SO EXCITED THEY SENT ME  A COPY TO GIVE AWAY TO MY FABULOUS BLOG FRIENDS!!  You'll devour the pages.  It's a decadent magazine chuck full of ideas for living, celebrating, entertaining and just being fabulous!
 There are so many ultra creative, unique yet beautifully simple ideas in this premier issue.  It's 145 pages filled with sophisticated, whimsical ideas that make those "take your breath away moments" celebrating life.  I want to say this is Martha Stewart meets the Art Girls!!!  Mingle has such an rich, sweet ambience that the editor and writers, the  "Stampington Art Girls" do so well.  You won't want to put it down!
 My favorite photo.  I want red shoes!  Who isn't sassy in red shoes???
 You really have to "experience" Mingle…'s is filled with everything we love……cupcakes, paint, art girls, lace, glitter, ruffles, sweets, kissing, party dresses, cookies, candy, crowns, cotton candy, Barbie, black and white stripes, girlfriends, retreats, junk shops, vintage goodness, playful parties, fun, frolic, style, spunk and simple extravagance and so much more!!!

Win a premier copy of Mingle !  Leave a short comment on the topic below by midnite Friday, October 21: 

***I'll post the winner Saturday, October 22nd, 12noon EST.***  

So go!  Leave a comment and go Mingle!