Saturday, December 31, 2011

goodbye 2011….

 ……you were so very good to me…….
…you took me to the most wonderful places….
 …with the most wonderful people….
 …filled with creativity, and beauty and blessings, 
friendship and good fortune...
…with excitement and hope, i can't wait to see 
where 2012 will take us...
Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Friday, December 23, 2011

holiday wishes for you...

…my holiday wishes for you, my friends...

 …enjoy this magical time of year….
…filled with everything merry at Christmas and abundant blessings for a Happy New Year...
 ...artfully yours with love and hugs!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

say it in writing...

Thanks for your interest!  For my new art friends "in" already, i am so grateful for you.
And for my future art friends….There's still room for YOU!  
Sign up when you  can, it's going to be really good.  I promise.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

"Letter Love 101: Art Journals"…come learn and play!

Introducing my first online workshop: "Letter Love 101: Art Journals"
...i'm proud to offer this workshop teaching creative lettering for your art journals,mixed media and scrapbooking. 

with mixed media lettering artist Joanne Sharpe
29 LESSONS: $35
***Immediate access with registration confirmation*** 
***Forever open classroom***

We'll be creating THREE playful journals with a focus on artful lettering, illustrated words, doodled quotes and spectacular decorative pages. Brand new, sophisticated art content will grow your confidence in your lettering journal skills.  No experience required!


  • 29 DAYS of instruction, inspirations and journaling projects 
  • Unlimited access forever!  Private blog
  • Daily lessons format, but enjoy it all at YOUR OWN pace!
  • 20 entertaining technique videos
  • 15 photo tutorials
  • 12 pdfs to print and keep
  • Teacher feedback and critique
  • All of the above will feature fun, enjoyable, detailed video demos, journal samples, lettering pages, inspirational quotes booklet, supply resources and class Flickr gallery 
  • An incredible value 29 LESSONS for $35


Slide on over to the left, middle column of this blog and hit the BUY NOW PAYPAL BUTTON.You will receive a protected link with immediate access into the classroom. 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

"artful color play" prompts

 Today's post celebrates "artful color play"!  It's a new blog feature that i will be nurturing in 2012 and wanted to take it out for a test spin this month.  Every week i will feature an "artful color play prompt" to inspire you explore color in your journaling and mixed media, etc.  I'll post an example and then invite you to share the experience by creating a journal page.  It's all about color choices and just another way to stretch a bit and make a commitment to try new looks.

I like bright colors, that's a given.  But i also like to make pieces with deliberate "color stories", like these cools, blues, purples and greens. We're all drawn to a specific palette, that's what makes our art unique.  The color choices we make are just as much the "art" as well as the finished work.  

 It's very challenging for me to not grab my "same old, same old" colors when i am consciously working with a specific palette! It's fun to look back and see the "artful color play" and process that has made me the artist i am at this very moment in time. 

So now i'll grab a cup of cawfee, a journal, some "color makers" (paints, markers, collage, crayons, pastels, etc) and start creating my next brilliant stories.  
In January, i'll be starting a small, brand new journal for just this activity, and would love if you did the same!  Let's try it out and get started right here.  Happy "art play day" to you!

"ARTFUL COLOR PLAY" PROMPT:  Make one journal background page just using blues, purples and greens with watercolor or acrylic paint.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Oh, Colorado! Behind the scenes...

What a great trip to Loveland, Colorado this past week.  It was a huge thrill to film my lettering video for Cloth Paper Scissors magazine.  My taping session was at 8:00 am Thursday morning.  I woke to a fresh fallen snow, that the locals thought was kind of a big deal, 6-8 inches overnight.  Coming from Rochester, NY were we have snow from November until April, it was no big whoop, i was right at home!
  We filmed at the Interweave studio in downtown Loveland.  Even though i was so nervous at the start, it was over so quickly and i wanted to keep filming!
In the studio after my taping was finished, with Jenn Mason, Editor of Cloth, Paper Scissors.  What a nice picture!
 …But look, what was lurking on the floor behind us???…….
 …uh yeah, that would be my pile of art i created and showcased during the filming!!!!  It was much easier to demo, create, film, finish, then toss the excess behind me to move on to the next segment quickly!   You know, because i always work so neatly!! (not)  But hey, it worked and i promise you won't see that in the final editing!
 When the video comes out, you will see the fun pin boards and displays we created with our own artwork on our set.
 It was an amazing experience and i can't wait until the video comes out in a few months!  It's chuck full of my very best playful lettering ideas, journal samples and techniques.   That's all for the little sneak peeks and of course i'll keep you all posted about the release date.  Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, November 28, 2011

getting ready art

So excited!!!  I'm getting ready to fly out to Denver this week to tape a DVD for Cloth Paper Scissors Workshop.  I've been in a flurry creating art and samples for my taping.  Artwork and supplies are all over my studio, because as you know, my best masterpieces are made in pure and total creative chaos!  I will fill  you in on the DVD details when it's released in a few months.  But for now, enjoy these Peerless watercolored and Crafters Workshop stenciled demo journals i put together with some tape and lettering.  Thanks for stopping by!