Sunday, December 5, 2010

..."don't rain on my paraaaade"!!!

 Yes, the Barbra Streisand tune from the movie "Funny Girl".  Sorry to do that to you, but the song will be belting out and bouncing in your head all day!

 "Hello Gorgeous"!!!!...Barbra's iconic line in movie history.  By now you've figured out that these journal pages were created while i was watching my classic movies, this one "Funny Girl".  Adored every minute of this timeless story with Babs and the, oh so handsome, Omar Sharif.  

When i am watching and painting and writing, the words seep onto the pages as i hear them in the background.  It's a fun way to journal without consciously thinking about proper grammar or earth shattering messages, just write the words as you hear them.  Deliberately plan to write while you listen to music, favorite songs and artists, TV shows, movies, and see what comes out onto the page.  

The vivid background pages are layers of Ranger Color Wash (sailboat blue, wild plum, purple twilight, butterscotch and cranberry) with die cut flower shapes as stencils.  Spritzed the colors with water, blotted, and used my heat tool to dry in between layers.  Doodle and lettered with white paint pen when all dry after the "intermission"...(the movie paused and "INTERMISSION" read across the screen.  Remember when movies had real intermissions?  So nostalgic.)

So get out those BIG DREAMS and don't let anyone or anything 
rain on your parade!



  1. FANTABULOUS!!! gotta get me some Color Wash!! you have sooo inspired me!!

  2. Thanks for all the blog love Lynne, you NEXT BIG THING you!!!!!