Friday, August 31, 2012


...It's time to take the MAGICAL MARKER MYSTERY TOUR online class... 
Join Joanne Sharpe and your new art friends as we explore markers galore!
...Exploring, learning and creating with 12 awesome marker brands...
*20 VIDEOS and 20 PDFS*
(in real time 5 lessons each week)
SUPPLIES: Start with your personal stash, and learn about new markers for colorful  techniques and creative projects.  We'll also use an 11"x14" Strathmore bristol pad, a Strathmore 9"x12"watercolor paper pad and a marker cardstock paper, waxed bookbinding thread and a light duty awl punch, glue stick and waterbrush.

Class launches LIVE
 Monday, September 24th-October 19, 2012 
online class
***Within 24 hours of Paypal receipt you'll receive a welcome letter and immediate class access with supply list information. 

Thursday, August 30, 2012

...a big ol' marker party!.........

Are you ready for the MAGICAL MARKER MYSTERY TOUR online class? 
Just a little reminder... 
Registration opens here on the blog with a fun video on
 Saturday, September 1, 2012 at midnight EST.  
Get your stash ready, we're getting crazy with all our markers, learning what they do 
and making some fabulous art!  
Class goes live Monday, September 24th...

20 VIDEOS...20 PDFS...forever access...$38
 ...I will be using over 100 markers in this online class to provide you 
the most comprehensive, artful and educational 
True story.  
 Are you joining us?  See you at the virtual registration desk this weekend.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

...stretching my creative wings...

Just back from Create Chicago and decompressing from all the artful energy and excitement.  Love the art girls in the midwest, so warm and gracious, you feel like you've known them forever.  To all my new friends and students, thanks for that!
In the midst of teaching my five classes, i treated myself to taking a class and "being the student".  I had an all day workshop, "Mixed Media Needle Felting" with fiber artist Rebekah Meier.  It was magical.  We even got to use the needle felting foot on the Bernina sewing machines, which was right up my alley.  So fun!

 I've always loved needlework, sewing and fabric.  When it was all the rage In the late 80's, i was a mad cross stitcher and haven't done anything like that in years.  Here are my "work in progress" creations, two felted silk pieces started in Rebekah's class.  I'm making the covers for two handmade watercolor art journals.  I'll post the completed journals when they're done.

 I'm still adding hand stitching, words and embellishments to the surfaces.  I absolutely love the "art trance" that envelops me while stitching and arranging felted fibers, fabrics, ribbons, dyes and textures.  Ahhhhh.........................
  For me, trying new things helps me grow and make new art with fresh vision and curiosity.
It always feels so good to stretch your art wings, doesn't it?

Sunday, August 19, 2012

...sketch books and journaling...

Lately, I've spent a lot of travel time waiting......waiting for a fight, waiting for the class to start, waiting for an event, etc.  Some good waiting, other times dreadful.  While i'm waiting, i am drawing.  I've been faithfully carrying around my little handbook journal for the past year to capture my moments with sketching, doodling, and a lot of color.

I recently watched my friend Jane LaFazio's fabulous interview (here on Jane's blog) with Danny Gregory, my favorite "drawing artist".  Jane's interview inspired me to take "notes" on Danny's thoughts and creative practices.  He's brilliant.  
Here's my  list of why i draw in my illustrated sketchbook every day, 
and why i think YOU should too!....
.......and it's just FUN!!!
On that note, need more inspiration?  
Have you been toThe Sketchbook Challenge blog?
I'm so thrilled to have just been added as a regular contributor, at the The Sketchbook Challenge blog.   It's an awesome sharing spot.  You can see my first post there on Monday, August 20th.   Stop in for some wonderful inspiration.
Tuesday i'm on my way back to Chicago for Create, and am so excited to share and teach "PASSPORT TO CREATE:TRAVEL JOURNALS".  We'll be drawing around the Wyndham Hotel in  Lisle, IL like we're in the Taj Mahal! art girl can dream!  
It's sure to be an artful feast!
Thanks for stopping in!  
See you over at the The Sketchbook Challenge!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

...a little breather...

Have you ever had an experience that was so wonderful, you just couldn't explain it?  There were no words to describe it?  Or there were too many words to make it all come together without writing a novel?  Well, that pretty much sums up these past few weeks for me!  
 Just returned from Art Unraveled in Phoenix a few days ago.  It was spectacular.  This was my first visit to Arizona, and it's beauty took my breath away at every turn.  To be honest though, not a big fan of the 108 degrees during the day, and 92 in the evening.  I'll take the snow over that heat anyday.  Crazy as it sounds, i was actually longing for a good old Rochester cold spell! 
   My classes were awesome....busy, messy and playful, and where i met the sweetest new "forever art friends".  Not many of them are Arizona"natives", lots of transplants from the Midwest and Northeast, so interesting to me.

Pam Carriker, Mary Beth Shaw and i had a fabulous dinner in old  Scottsdale one night.  Beautiful art and architecture amazing restaurant, and look, there's my pal Pam in this gorgeous sculpture garden!
...very southwest...
Lucky me!  Found my very favorite store, Fresh Produce in Scottsdale, and even caught a huge sale! (i try to find this store whenever i travel) 
Finally had a visit with my really sweet friend (who i never met in person!) super art girl Dina Wakely! She was at the fabulous Art Unraveled Shopping Extravaganza on Saturday. 
 Love her.
  This week i am unpacking and repacking the same boxes of art treasures to ship out for Create in Chicago which starts next Wednesday.  So many supplies to pack!  So thrilled, that is my biggest gig yet.  FIVE completely full, SOLD OUT classes.  BREATHE!!!
So that's why i needed a little breather.....just to enjoy and cherish the moments and memories without pressuring myself to document those precious minutes for social media.  I love what i do, and am so very blessed.  I know that personally, i sometimes need to step away from all the technology and JUST BE in the moments.  They are treasure.
..........and you know my most favorite mantra...........