Wednesday, December 15, 2010

my first giveaway!

Thanks for "skating on over", didn't you love those ice skates in yesterday's post??  They were created by Jenn Mason, editor of Cloth Paper Scissors magazine..... 
...and I'm so thrilled to be a host on the 2011 
Cloth Paper Scissors 
New Magazines Blog Tour!

 I've been invited to review Cloth Paper Scissors magazines for 2011 (what an honor!), share my thoughts and a host a magazine giveaway on my blog for each issue. 

And, we're starting right now, with "GIFTS", their first annual holiday issue!  

This gorgeous magazine is chuck full of original projects and fresh ideas for gift giving and holiday seasonal decor, like Jenn's skates, "Mixed Media on Ice" on page 32.  Cloth Paper Scissors "Gifts" $14.99, is  a collectible, super-sized treasure at 148 pages and can be found at Barnes & Noble or JoAnn's.  

...Or you can participate in my "Whimspirations Blog Giveaway" and WIN A FREE ONE!!.... will always find a unique spin on the most innovative creative ideas!

To enter, just leave a comment about the following topic 
by Saturday, December 18th:  
What are the 2 MOST APPEALING THINGS that attract you to VIEW and then REVISIT a blog???  Post your wisdom here, and I'll pick a winner on 
Sunday, December 19th to kick off Christmas week!


  1. Hi Joanne! Happy to have found your blog! (through your facebook post) :)

    As for what draws me to a blog..and keeps me coming back...PHOTOS! Anything from Fabulous family events...holidays...cute kids and pets! Love great photos!!

    And in second place...I'd say..tutorials! LOVE tutorials!! :)

    Thanks bunches for such a great giveaway! :) I'll be back to visit soon!!

    Happy Blogging!!
    xoxo Jenny Holiday

  2. Now how cool is this!!!

    I have to say the style of the person...whether it be mine or not...which cause me to be inspired to dig deep and try something new. Some blogs I visit and revisit are based of friendships.

    Have a great day!!

  3. Awesome giveaway! Love these magazine, but they are not available in my area, or at least I couldn't find, so I'll keep my fingers crossed!

    I read blogs because of tutorials, craft projects, great pictures, inspiration - all craft related. I read my blogs through google reader, so I don't visit the blog itself very often, unless I want to comment. Frienliness of the author is another great factor.

  4. Hi Joanne, That mag looks yummy! I'd say the 2 things that attract me to a blog are creativity, if they show some really cool photos or art that they are working on and if the style of the blog is colorful and whimsica. Secondly, the spirit behind it. If it is mostly upbeat and inspirational, I'll be back. I connect with that.

  5. For me personally, workshops and images/video. I love to see peoples work, but I also want to be nosey and know how they tackled the project.

    Materials too, always want to know what and where they got specific materials.

    Also, cool updates and giveaway, everyone loves a giveaway :D

  6. Hi Joanne, I love tutorials and beautiful visuals...I love seing the process of the creation....and giveaways are always fun !! I will be following now....Happy Holidays...

  7. Hi Joanne~Colorful photos attract me first, especially ones showing details of a would be tutorials...and if the project uses materials which I have in my stash, I'm ready to start!!

  8. 1. A blog initially attracts me with good detailed photography,stories or tutorials that are not too lengthy and links to other sites for more knowledge and growth.
    2. I come back if there is a cohesive flow of information that is posted on a regular basis and that I can look forward to with joy!
    Joanne thank you for the opportunity to enter this contest :) I find your artwork and blogs refreshing and will definitely put them on my favorites lists to visit often.
    Victoria Ashton :)

  9. Two things that bring me to a blog are color photos and how-to's. I don't necessarily need a detailed tutorial, but a general description of method and materials is helpful to answer the question "how did she do that?"

  10. Hi Joanne

    I found your blog through the facebook group cloth paper scissors.

    Im usually attracted to visit a blog if I see a photo with the description that motivates me to want to be creative. Especially if the colors are vivid and the tools needed to be used are present in the photo.

    What keeps me hooked onto a blog is a persons daily art adventures, great projects that keep me coming back for more and I LOVE it when I can see what there studio is like. :)

  11. 1. A fun and inviting personality behind the post.
    2. Great artwork that I want to see again!

  12. 1. Photos of inspiring artwork
    2. A person I want to visit with

  13. Wow, thanks so much for the great ideas!!! I know for a fact i will be beefing up this blog, and will look forward to sharing with you all in 2011.

  14. Photo's of art and how to explanations of how / what was used to create. Love to see works in progress pictures as they unfold to finished product

  15. I love photos of new inspiring artwork...something with a cool twist!! And I LOVE hearing how the artists are inspired to create what they create!

  16. Hi Joanne! A HUGE congrats on your new venture with Cloth Paper Scissors! It's an awesome magazine and you'll be a great contributor! I'm so happy for you!!!
    Brenda Pinnick

  17. came from brenda pinnick via The Hive!!! i return visit a blog because of the content first and the voice the writer then the appeal of the images...congrats on your CPS ventures...

    Rebecca E. Parsons

  18. For me, it's content and color! Bright colors attract me. I love to read the content of blogs!

  19. I enjoy blogs that have words of wisdom that are thought provoking and beautiful pictures either hand-drawn like yours or from a camera. The blog is a happy place to visit and escape into.

  20. Why giveaways, of course! No, really, I most enjoy visiting the blogs of creative people who update their blogs everyday, have new ideas and projects, and who write well = are fun and personable. Is that too much to ask? A great recipe or giveaway thrown in every once in a while is icing on the cake. Thanks for including me in your drawing. ~Kathleen

  21. The two things that lead me to view and then revisit a blog are-(A.) a new technique using some mundane materials or recycled items, and (B.) a new and different way of doing something that gives a whole new look to a tried and true medium. I love learning new techniques and especially enjoy discovering new ways of using the materials and mediums I already have, without having to buy new art supplies-I do too much of that anyway!

    Laura Thykeson

  22. I love pictures of journal pages and inspiring ideas.

  23. What a fab give-away, Joanne! The thing that draws me to a blog initially is the visual impact it has. What keeps me coming back is when I feel like I can really get to know a person through their posts. When someone is sharing their creativity in a passionate way I find it irresistible!

  24. Hi my creative friend! Love the blog! Love the give away!

  25. Hi Joanne,
    Absolutely LOVE your creations and your wonderful whimsical imagination!! I look forward to following your adventures and love to see the work of the people you meet along the way!! Keep inspiring!!!
    HUGS and Happy Holidays,

  26. Oh do I narrow it down to two. I guess the first thing that entices me is a colorful image with detailed explanation about how the art was created (tutorials are the BEST). The second thing I find appealing on the blogs I follow is learning whose work influenced them because it helps me understand how their style developed....and how they "changed it up" from the inspiration. Sharon Pendergraft

  27. What are the 2 MOST APPEALING THINGS that attract you to VIEW and then REVISIT a blog???

    1) Personal insights from an "expert point of view".
    2) They also MUST update it regularly - but not more then once a day - if they post too often it gets annoying...