Thursday, June 2, 2011

"artful business card" tutorial

Time to get back in the artsy saddle and share some creations!  

While i was at Create! a few weeks ago, i realized it didn't bring any business cards for the Vendor Faire on my last day there.  I gathered some of my left over watercolor paper scraps from from my journaling class.  The best part about making something in your hotel room at a creative event like this is that i had every art supply that i could possibly need!  Except for a paper cutter, that would have been a little awkward at the airport.  
With my scissors, i cut some strips the to make the cards, 1 1/2" x 3".  With my black Pitt pen, I drew my signature heart with wings, and framed the edges with some loosely sketched lines. 

 For the color background, i used my Koi Watercolor travel set and water brush.  That little watercolor set has been all over the country with me this year.  When "jetsetting" (LOL!!) it easily fits into my bag along with a small art journal.
 After the watercolor was dry, i used my Ranger Heat Tool to dry the cards.  Yes, i even had my heat tool along with me for teaching!  I lettered my name on the front with my white Signo pen and added some dots for whimsey.  My blog address was hand written on the back of the card.  (sorry about the photo quality, still getting used to my iphone camera)  
But the icing on the art cake was using the Luminarte Radiant Rains to add glimmer, glam, sparkle and shine!!  Simple and spectacular, I sprayed the pile with Egyptian Gold and the cards looked like jewels!
So there's a quick little solution for not being prepared in a pinch!  Luckily i traveled with my mobile art studio, but you can always find someway to invent a one of a kind treasure when on the road with your "go to" travel supplies.  Note to self, in August, have these ready for Create! Chicago.  Happy trails!


  1. they are really lovely Joanne, I wish I'd have been there to get one!!

  2. I love that you did these at the last minute. They are lovely and uniquely "YOU". (That's a great thing.) I agree with Linda; would love to have one, lol.

  3. Artfully exceptional... lucky people to get a one of a kind! Sweet!

  4. Such a great idea! I love unique business cards. They really stand out and make an impact!

  5. WOW! These business cards are fantastic :]
    I am going to be bold and ask... would you, could you mail me one?!
    Let me know.
    Talk soon.

  6. Captivating design, but i suggest video tutorial is better than screen shots...