Sunday, June 5, 2011

art journaling every day

Here's a peek into one of my daily art books where i draw, doodle, sketch, letter, paint and color.  I make it a habit to art journal every day, even if it's just starting a page, or adding to one, then finishing it later. It's my daily diary of sorts, only filled with art and my creative whims.

Outlines and doodles are drawn in black fine tip pens, then colorized with marker and water.
The pages this week were all colored with Tombow markers.  I've used these vibrant markers for years.  Tombows are dye based markers, and colors can be manipulated with water.  Having a little handful of Tombows is like having a watercolor palette in pen form.  

There is a beautiful neutral color palette to create a inky effect.  
Creating this look is achieved by marker coloring areas with a darks and lights, then blending and dragging the colors in puddles of water.  A waterbrush is great tool for this technique.  (there are several brands of waterbrushes: Sakura, Niji, Pentel)
Layering washes when the previous one has dried completely.

Here's something to try. Experiment with some of your doodles and lettering grids in black and white, then watercolor just the negative space.  Images pop!

Playing with words, making them little works of art.  Maybe they'll get some color later.  Or maybe they are perfect just the way they are in this art journal.  We'll see what whim hits and sticks.
After all your art journal is for exploring and experimenting.  It's a vehicle for meditation, relaxation and play.  An art journal is for every day! 


  1. Sept and Tig, love you!!! xoxoxox

  2. Great inspiration, as always!!!

  3. wonderful!!!!!!!!!!! your journal pages are just wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!! love love love

  4. Luv...Luv...Luv your work inspires me so!

  5. I can't believe you live in Rochester! So do I! Are you my neighbor? lol

  6. Just found your blog through Pinterest. OMG your art is great. I am following Tracy W and starting my own Inspirations Journal. Thanks for such great ideas!!

  7. Thanks soooo much to Lynda, Nessa, Julie, Martha and Victoria!

  8. Oh my goodness... I have fallen in love!
    These a so colorful & inspiring. Great art journaling.
    I just adore having a peek (heheeheee) :]

  9. Just beautiful... I wish doodling-art came natural to me.

  10. These are beautiful and incredibly inspirational!

  11. I just want to jump into the pages of your book!

  12. Love Love Love, I need to learn how to do this...These are fantastic !