Friday, June 10, 2011

the art of the doodle

Still doodling in the same book!  Loving this little square art journal that i have been drawing in all week, playing with lettering projects and exercises with line, color, composition and fonts.  

The pages are very absorbent taking on vibrant watercolor beautifully. 

Can you see what's hidden in this wavy whimsical doodle?

Use you name as the art element, designing with large loose lines.  Add pattern in the spaces and the shapes that are created. Paint in the negative space with a deliberate color story.
 More play with letters, showcasing and highlighting shapes from lines that spilled off the fonts.
Have fun with the "art of the doodle", creating a whimsical journal masterpiece with line, pattern, shape and color.  Go try it!


  1. about doing an online class in lettering ;)

  2. beautiful work!! i agree, an online lettering class would be awesome! loved your new article in CPS!!

  3. LOVE these! Totally makes me want to put down the computer and go doodle!

  4. hmmm………i am LEARNING about producing an online class…..stay tuned!!

  5. This is so wonderful and so happy to find you!

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    Art by Karena

  6. I love handbook! And your doodles are beautiful as always!

  7. Love it love it! Your work is beautiful.
    I am teaching doodling to a class of 8 to 12 year olds this morning so thank you so much for the inspiration. You have kicked my half-asleep brain into gear. They saw all my doodle journals and asked me to show them how.

  8. As always your work is stunning. I guess that seed I planted @ online classes is growing. We need to get together, eh?

  9. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the vivid colors you use! Do you mind sharing what exactly you are using to produce them? I have tried markers, nupastels, watercolor pencils...but none are that vivid!
    TIA Nancy

  10. repeat after me "I must run an online class!" I too have just 'discovered you from pinterest and I am in LOVE! Your art is sooo gorgeous - take care, love from andrea in australia x