Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Create Costa Mesa: "Oh My Word!"

Oh my word!….the lettering class.  Quite the intense workshop, 3 hours spent experimenting with new pens and materials, creating new fonts and illustrating quotes in a handmade journal.  I enjoyed all these lovely ladies from my two classes, who were always intently concentrating on the precision of calligraphy, arranging letters aesthetically, and designing word pages.  Every page a masterpiece!


Love the lefties!

Beautiful journal covers and lovely smiles!

Aaaahhhh………the secret "white pen", delicious!
Pure bliss, peaceful zenlike lettering exercise…...

"OH MY WORD! ARTFUL LETTERING": Thursday afternoon:

 In these photos, there are a few HUNDRED pens, paints, gelatos from Faber Castell, Copic and Sakura.  The perfect materials for perfect lettered journal pages!

 (*note: half of the students in this class participated in the "Color Me Copic" class in the morning.  So we shared an entire day!!)  And i want to know WHO has photos of the Copic class since my camera screen read:"battery exhausted" when i went to take photos, wah wah!!!  Will do a whole post on the Copic class in Chicago this summer.  But it was amaaaaaazing!  We christened some major "COLORING QUEENS" in that class!!   
 So serious!!!!!!!!!  You could hear a pin drop.
  The girls were all so focused i had to remind them to lift their heads up and smile for the camera!!

 Photographing the class teaching posters, brilliant!!

I was so blessed to be surrounded with such joyful women all day!

Loved having the so sweet and talented Pam Carriker in my class.
joanne and pam
 She thought she was coming to TAKE the class, but brought all her Pan Pastels trays to share with the students!  Here's Pam giving an impromptu demo on her color palette and how she uses Pan Pastels.  It was so serendipitous!  We joked that MY color palette was the exact opposite of hers!

 The students loved using Pam's extra color trays and illustrating their lettering pages with the buttery goodness of Pan Pastels.  Love them!

 So intense, beautiful results!

 Such fun seeing the beautiful lettered illustrations that came from just a few hours of stretching creatively, experimenting with new materials and creating breathtaking artwork.
Thank you ladies, you made this class a masterpiece!  


  1. Loved it! What a fun class and just a pleasure to meet you!!!

  2. Hip, hip... hooray! Everyone is making art!!! Love it...