Thursday, January 6, 2011

wordy pages...

This week, I'm all over the place. Working from sun up til sun down, in the middle of some big deadlines for quite a few projects.  There are several art licensing design and product submissions, workshop and class proposals, stamp design samples for CHA, and my debut article and artwork for Cloth, Paper Scissors magazine.  It's all good.  Sooo good.

As i am looking for my own inspiration, i end up paging through all my art journals from 2010.  I think i have about 12 journals, all different sizes, papers, covers, etc.  I have painted, markered, collaged, doodled, lettered, wrote and sketched on a few hundred pages.  It's so rewarding to put them all in a pile and see where i was all year.  These are some of those pages. 
 A new year is a good time to 
embrace reinvention. 
 I do know that my reinvention is to grow,
 it's to seek higher, 
become more than i am and have been.  

  Most of my journal creating time was spent experimenting, exploring and looking for direction, reinvention.  I look back and read my own writings and illustrated messages again.  Something always ends up speaking to me in a new way, like this:
 "you can dream as big as you want"
 ...Reinventing the direction with action.  I know what i am good at, i know where my heart always puts me.  So look back in your journals, reflect on what your heart was speaking.  Be grateful for your journals, for the art play and as an 
diary of your heart's desire........'s all so good.


  1. wow.. licensing, cha stuff.. stamp designs.. this is all things I dream about.. and they are already happening for you. CONGRATULATIONS!

  2. These pages are lovely. I love your colors.

  3. thanks Bonnie and Lori! I really appreciate your kind words. xoxoox

  4. i ADORE your lettering!!!! I've got to study your pages and learn!

  5. So many exciting adventures ahead for you Jo! Congrats and loving the journal pages!