Tuesday, January 4, 2011

...be about "action"

2011 is my ACTION year........ACTION is my new year word.....it's not a resolution, but an energy and faith to put my intentions out into the universe, in God's hands.  I will trust unconditionally to be guided to the right place, in my place.  
 I love words.  I love writing words, and apparently i LOVE the WHITE PEN!!!!!  I love how the white ink pops on a page of intense bold color and squiggles and flows as the words pour out from my soul.  Still playing with styles and outlines to see what stirs me in journaling.

Funny, this journal page was created in November of 2010.  It seems that my heart was going in the right direction...."aspire and action"...
 .....be about action. 


  1. Love it ssooo!!! teach a class online, pretty plz!!!

  2. so so inspiring, I feel the same way! Hugs and success to you this New year! xo

  3. GREAT message Jo! Love your pages!

  4. I love the suggestion about you teaching an on-line class! I just discovered your wonderful blog....wish I had found it ages ago! What is your favorite white pen....and black, for that matter? Thanks!

  5. Thanks so much ladies, you make a girl blush! Sharon, i really love the Sharpie water base paint pens and do most of my lettering with the smallest one and fine tip. It's very bold and flows well.