Friday, January 14, 2011

my art kids....

So proud of my creative children this week.  Here's some art by my daughter Meghan, 25, a residence counselor at Heritage Christian Sevices.  I can't even begin to tell you what an amazing job she does caring for her residents.  She's always been very creative and artistic with perfect lettering.  (where did she get that from??  (LOL)   I'm crazy about this doodle she made the other day.  
Love love love the Marilyn Monroe quote!! 

Then we have my son Kevin who is a senior at Nazareth College studying Art Education.  He just started his student teaching today, at an elementary school, grades K-5 in Greece, NY.   What a thrill!  The minute he walked in the door today, he collapsed from exhaustion from the draining teacher day.
 Here he is as a summer camp counselor in the Arts & Nature program.

Kev is a clay guy, makes amazing artful ceramics!   What's even more exciting is that Kevin attends my college alma mater.  On May 8th he will graduate from Nazareth College with a degree in Art Education, exactly 30 years after i received my Art Education degree from Nazareth.  It's such an honor.

Kevin's twin, Brian does amazing woodwork, and has a flair for music.  While i never pushed my kids in the "arts as a career" direction, i always encouraged their creativity with good art supplies, journals and sketchbooks, and teaching them fancy techniques.  I cherish those times, they grew up way too fast. 

I'm so amazed at their passion and creativity, and extremely proud of the great contributions they are making in our world.


  1. Proud mama.. loved reading about your family! xo

  2. Superb!! What a blessing for you to see your children following their passions and also giving back.