Monday, January 10, 2011

vision boards.......

...Vision boards are good.  
Here is a corner view of the vision board that hangs in my studio.  
These are a few of my intentions that i posted in 2010.....
Today i just sent off my first article to Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine 
that will debut in the May/June 2011 issue.  
It's a really "colorfun" feature that i can't wait to share in a few months.   
Just a little excited. 

"Put it out in the universe!!!"...  
Vision boards are good.


  1. Love this ,and I can't wait to see the article!!

  2. Congratualtions... good for you.
    You are FLYING GF!

  3. this is such a super idea! many times i get so busy that my vision becomes completely blurred!! congrats on your CPS article.....i'm so excited to see your fun, colorful artwork on those pages!!! xox, :))
    p.s. and i wish i could tell you how much i enjoyed reading the sweet, precious comments you've left for me on my blog! i would LOVE to sit, chat, be creative, and letter with you some time......oh, how fun that would be!!! thanks for all the inspiration you provide!! xox

  4. yay joanne! can't wait to see it!

  5. Hi, Joanne! My name is Leslie Ackman. I do a Linky Party on blog called "Who Do You Follow?" This is just the second week and I am gonna feature your blog later today!! Just wanted you to know...

    BTW, I haven't been here in! I am blown away by your latest creations and how very exciting for you to have an article in Cloth Paper Scissors. I subscribe so will be on the lookout for it!!:)


  6. I love your spirit Joanne, your art is so positive, I LOVE that as well. I am so excited to see your article in CPS, so excting!!! **happy sigh** so grateful to call you friend.
    xx Rena

  7. congrats on your article!! I can't wait to see CPS!!