Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Today, let's play in my coloring book, "The Art of Whimsical Living"!  Have you seen it?  Do you have it?  I am so proud at how it came out,  there so many fun things inside to take your coloring off the pages and make your own custom projects.  It's chuck full of inspirational art,  positive affirmations,  messages, greeting cards, calendar pages, lists, menus, journaling pages and so much more.  Each chapter is filled with black and white line art to copy and color.  You can use the pages over and over and over again to print and adding whimsey and color to everything in your everyday life.

There's not a lot of sunshine in upstate New York in January, so I am adding my own  with my baskets of colorful markers.  I love to color!  The pages inside my book are perforated so you can remove them to make multiple pages for all kinds of projects and have this as your "master copy" book.  So many possibilities! 

There is nothing worse than getting all psyched up to make some colorful art with your favorite markers only to find out that the bled through the page!  Sometimes you don't want that bleed to show thorough on a journal page, or a card so be sure to test your markers on your chosen papers to see how they'll perform.  I've made a sample sheet here to show you how I catalog and test my own stash.

Flip the paper over and make sure the pens might be produce the effect you're expecting. A solvent, or alcohol marker (like Prismacolor, Copic and Sharpie will ALWAYS bleed though paper, but the colors are more saturated than a dye based marker (Tombow, Koi Colorbrush, etc.).  Many pens from various manufacturers have proprietary ink formulas, and not all are the same.  You'll find your favorites through trying different brands and make sure you test first.

***Looking for MORE really great "marker training"? I have an awesome online class called "The Magical Marker Mystery Tour"over flowing with tons of info, 20 videos, 20 pdfs and projects with instant access.  Online MARKER CLASS with Joanne

COLOR WITH ME!  Grab your markers, colored pencils or pens and make an inspirational message for yourself or someone special.  Use any kind of paper, but card stock is suggested.   Here's a page from my book, a FREE PDF PRINT to download and print for you to color:

See you next Wednesday!


  1. Joanne, this is gorgeous.My goodness you are rocketing ahead these days!How much coffee DO you drink? he he.
    I have given you a "plug" on my blog.Looking forward to Feb's Artful Life.I do the pages in 2 days usually!!

  2. ha ha ha Judy!! I DID get a Keurig for Christmas so I do over indulge on the caffeine.

  3. Thanks Joanne! The freebie is so sweet! Love your work and I can't wait to put some color on this bad boy! Errrrrrummmm "GoodGirl?" ��

  4. Thank you Joanne ~ I'm going to print it out on cardstock!

  5. How fun is this! I have been coloring in your coloring book just this week! I guess great minds think alike! :)

  6. Thanks for the info on markers and the freebie! I just realized that what I would really love to have in a coloring book is one that only had smaller (card size or smaller)motifs like frames, flowers, hearts, stars, etc. that could be cut out, colored and glued into pages in my journal. I love your whimsical style. Any possibility that you might consider doing a book like that? I'd buy it in a heart beat. Pages that are one large design instead of individual smaller pieces just don't do it for me, but this would! :-) Thanks again Joanne for all you share with us!

  7. Thank You Joanne! Wonderful page! and I did NOT know you had a coloring book!!!

  8. I have to wait for a new printer so I can make copies :-( BUT then I can have lots of fun. :-)

  9. i left upstate ny on Tuesday... five days, no sun... so glad you have color in your life :)