Monday, January 2, 2017

...Let's do this!

We're off and running with our journals, markers, paints and washi tapes creating our 2017 ARTFULLY INSPIRED LIFE™. My new YEAR LONG online class just opened yesterday and the excitement is buzzing.  There is an incredible group of creatives that have gathered online, ready to make art, share, network and celebrate new, "forever art friends" for the next 365 days and BEYOND.   You can join us right this minute, there are NINE lesson segments this month and we've only just begun! 

Come play for 12 months, and enjoy50+ videos, 48 art lessons, exclusive NEW content........Just head on over to my website to register and start today for the super price of $85 FOR THE WHOLE YEAR!!!  We're just waiting for YOU!  

I wish you wonderful wishes in 2017 filled with peace, adventure and much love.  
Happy New Year!

joanne sharpe 

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