Saturday, February 19, 2011

a "rework of art"...

Months ago i created these chunky whimsical flowers with Liquid Pearl outlines filled in with watercolor.  I loved looking at them and holding them, they're a pretty good size.  Kind of like paper dolls, i knew they had some purpose, maybe card embellishments?

I wanted to cherish them someplace, that's the purpose of my art journals, to experiment with new things and have a place where it's easily referenced.  I love flipping through my journals and revisiting the art.  These beautiful blooms needed a special place, so i "reworked" their original purpose and added them to my journal in a four page spread.  They are modpodged to the pages, outlined with oil crayons and surrounded by fun colors and paint textures.

 I made my own black and white bars on cardstock with my black Copic marker, and added the lettering and quotes with the same pen.  The Copic didn't really mind the Modpodge at all!

I just love how the spread came out.  Very bold and colorful, not for the "pastel" of heart!  Arranging the original flowers into my journal makes for a happy "rework of art"!

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