Saturday, February 12, 2011

an artful heart

 It's Valentine's Day and hearts are everywhere!  It inspired me to gather together a collection of my artsy hearts.  I love hearts and put them in a lot (most!) of my work.  I love the shape, the symbolism, the emotion it generates.  So here's a collection of some of my illustrations, doodles, journal pages, paintings, collage and more.  All for the "heart of it".  
 …stamp idea sketches...

Copic marker art journal doodles….

 …handpainted wood signs ready for lettering….

 pen and ink doodles...

inky blingy sparkly art journal pages….

painted ornaments at Christmas...

"artful cardmaker" stamps….

juicy art journal pages...

 acrylic painting and collage...

my artsy hearts make my butterfly wings...

doodles, inspirations and pastel pages….
I really am lucky that "what i love is what i do"!!  


  1. I love your art.. so so beautiful!

  2. Thank you. I am happy to follow you now. You are the inspiration I needed today!

  3. just "LOVE" all your hearts!! they are WHO you ARE!!

  4. From the bottom of my heart, i thank you all for your heartful comments!