Thursday, June 3, 2010 could i not post about CANAL DAYS!!!!!

Love love love, peddling art on Main Street!  Come on down see us at Canal Days.  Some fun new looks for my signs, new classes and summer camps, we gotta whole lot of ARTSY going on!!   

Uh, no my cats won't be there, they just wanted me to show you how artsy they are with all their spots!

JACK and MONA, my bengal catsDSCN1215

We'll be debuting our "CATS and DAWGS" corner in our cute are these???


We're taking my famous signs up a few notches.... (did you know that these are now sold in shops in 47 states, including Alaska and Hawaii??!!)  We have SOME REALLY PRETTY NEW PALETTES and NEW GIFTY, THEMED CATEGORIES such as "FUN STUFF", "CATS and DAWGS", "WINEABLES", "GRADUATES", "GIRLFRIENDS", "INSPIRATIONS", "TEACHER GIFTS"......and lots of BLANKS FOR FREE PERSONALIZING (think kids rooms, babies, grandkids, teachers, etc)!


Bows and sparkle!


Can you see the bling on these??  Love.  You have to come see!



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