Sunday, June 20, 2010

Be "Whimspired".......

Having a ball constantly figuring out fun ways to share my art and journal pages on my blog and Facebook.  My original idea for this blog wast to post inspirational art works on  a regular basis, daily, weekly, etc.  I call them "Whimspirations" © joanne sharpe.... It's my bright and colorful whimsical art ("whim") paired with hand lettered inspirational words, or quotes ("spirations").  Thus the clever title for a product line.  Recently i was cleaning my (messy disaster) of a studio and came across a stack of my notebooks and idea journals. Flipping through the pages I saw the title "Whimspirations" and realized that i have been developing this collection since 2003! 

I am a huge fan of a lovely artist named Brenda Pinnick.  A very successful licensing artist, Brenda has a fresh colorful style that speaks to me.  She is working on an art branding seminar for CHA, and she got me to thinking...what is my "brand" as an artist?  It will take me a little time to clearly define my "brand" statement, and i'd like to work on that.  But i do know that i'm driven to create fresh, vibrant hand drawn art, embellished with my custom hand lettered font.  I create to "speak visually" through color and verse.  I'm still not that computer savvy when it comes to creating art on the computer.  Although,I'm excited to take my components and see what i CAN create.

You're invited to Be "whimspired" on this check in often when you seek some good art food!ART©WorthDay

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