Wednesday, April 5, 2017

...a WHIMSICAL WEDNESDAY.....#THE100DaysProject

Hello friends! 
Sorry I missed last week's Whimsical Wednesday.  I was in Cincinnati at a photo shoot for a new book coming out Spring 2018.  Can't wait until I can spill the beans and let you know what it's all about.  There's still so much content to create, so it will be a little while.  It was so much fun, making art "step outs" for three whole days.  There's the hint,  it's about ART!
HERE'S THE STUDIO AT F+W (in an intentionally blurred photo):
Have you heard about the #The100DayProject?  It's an Instagram thing, where people all over the world are joining in and posting not just about art, but 100 "things", "ideas" and photos for 100 days.  So I have joined in myself with "#100 Words and Whimsies".  Believe it or not, the little quick post is easier for me than the Whimsical Wednesday right now, because I have so much going on with 5 NEW online classes that have openned since January, writing the book,  creating teaching proposals, etc.  It's all good.  I am so grateful for my job and love every minute.  There just aren't enough minutes in a day!!!
This is my little mantra for day#5 of 100.  You can follow me on Instagram and see them all each day at this link:  @joannesharpe
I did this for 31 days at Christmas and I felt so accomplished achieving the daily goal and enjoy going back and reviewing all the art that I completed and shared in that time frame.  So have a look!

Until next time, happy Spring and make every moment matter living an artfully inspired life!


  1. I heard you today on the PAT SLOAN PODCAST ... which of your books discusses the various dyes that work for quilting? I would like to do some of this work but do not know where to start. I know you have videos but I do not have access to internet all the time, so I would rather get a book.

    Thank you

  2. name is Elizabeth johnson..i just ordered some things from your site and was just wondering bout how long it might take to get to me...thank you.

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