Thursday, January 29, 2015

...Whimsical calligraphy???

We are having the BEST time in my Artfully Inspired Life online class creating a delicious art journal diary for the whole year.  My lessons are pretty chuck full of way too much information about lettering and art journaling ideas for the $59 price tag for the WHOLE YEAR!!  

There are FOUR juicy videos in the FEBRUARY lesson that just posted in the classroom featuring my very own "whimsical calligraphy".  It's a hybrid of taking traditional calligraphy with a playful twist. Come join us and see that the buzz is about!!


  1. Your lettering is gorgeous! Class is a blast!

  2. I was going to teach a friend calligraphy but after telling her the way I was taught in college (ten practice sheets on lined notebook paper every day with a dip pen), she suddenly lost interest! I like your teaching -a much less painful way to learn and with quick and beautiful results!! I wish I'd had your techniques to refer her to!