Friday, October 4, 2013

...Jane's Stencil Winner!

Thank you to everyone who left comments on the Stenciling with Jane post this week.  There are some great ideas shared for using stencils, so check out the comments when you get a minute.  Have a nice weekend!

THE WINNER OF THE "Jane's Petite Girls" Stencil set is HEATHER WILLIAMS who wrote: the idea of using the Tombows to create a watercolor effect! I, especially, love the last 2 examples!! My fave technique to use w/ stencils is: super thick, creamy opaque gesso w/ a couple colors of ink sprays spritzed on top, & then while the stencil, gesso, & colored inks are still in place, I gently swipe the ink & gesso around a bit to swirl the colors.

Heather, email me at and i will get you over to Artist Cellar.


  1. Love the contrast and linework! Very beautiful stencil!

  2. nice blog, interesting artwork thanks for your comment on my recent paintings..CPS is one of my fav magazines so well done for getting published in it

  3. Heather, can you email me your email address so i can get you connected to your prize?

    1. Hello Joanne! Of course. :) I'll leave it here, just in case, & try emailing you again, as I did send an email on the 8th.

      Blessings ~H♥~