Friday, October 12, 2012


When i peeked at the calendar yesterday, i delighted in the really cool number sequence of the date, 10-11-12.  I had to make an art journal page.  I made this autumn art just so i could date it!  I know that many, but not all years, would have a similar interesting date sequence, right?  Think about it.  I like numbers like that.
I am home for a while, having just returned from Art Is You, my last large teaching venue for 2012.  For now, i'm done schlepping suitcases and boxes of paints, markers, papers and stuff from coast to coast.   What a beautiful teaching journey this year has been.  I am so blessed.  My 2013 is filling up faster than i could ever dream it!  It's time to cozy up to the cooler temps here and get busy writing to finish up my "Artful Lettering" book for Interweave.

 ...note the glorious shimmer and shine of the Silks acrylic glaze 
painted over my watercolor sketch...

..."Autumn is in full swing in New York the warm orange, violet and red is color Glory."
I love my artful life...


  1. Joanne...I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!! You are amazing. :) Laurel

  2. hi joanne thankyou very much for your blog link, i really love your artwork and find it very inspirational :)

  3. Wow, what a delightful journal page Joanne. I love the colours you have used, they truly sing off the page.
    Thanks for sharing it my lovely.
    Hugs x

  4. Gorgeous!! Love the bright colours!
    And the drawing and writing is so beautiful!

    X♥X Tessa

  5. Love this! I realized yesterday that it was 10-11-12. I figure next year we have 11-12-13, and the following year we'll have 12-13-14, and then it's not going to happen again in this century. I'm bummed I missed it up til now, but it's not too late to notice. I decided that on November 12 of next year, I'm having a synchronicity party!

  6. This is a gorgeous journal piece Joanne. Love the silks too <3

  7. Can't wait for you to come to Cambridge Ontario!! Hope I can make it that day :-)

  8. Beautiful work!I love the autumn colours!Greetings!

  9. I love your page 10-11-12.

    I like everything you do!