Thursday, September 20, 2012

...a FREE e-book from Interweave?....

Wow!!!  Hooray!!  I'm in it.
  Did you get your FREE ebook?  
What a nice surprise to be included in this FREE e-book "LETTERING AND MARK MAKING",  from my friends who bring you Cloth Paper Scissors magazine and Create retreats.  If you missed the May 2011 issue, you can enjoy my "Making Magic with Markers" article that's included in this ebook. 
  Want to learn everything you could possible imagine about markers?  
Come here,  this is the class for you.  
There's still time to register, as the first magical lesson starts this Monday, September 24th.  We are having a big old marker party, with piles of pens and and colorful art journaling.  Hope you'll join us!


  1. Wonderful! So looking forward to seeing you at Art is You!

  2. The part I got was great but I didn't get the picture to print out. :(

  3. The class looks amazing! I cannot get to the info..when I click the liink I get an 'Invalid Security Token' message.

    Will definitely d/l the ebook as I LOVE the dvd.


  4. If I wasn't traveling...I would so do this.