Tuesday, July 3, 2012

....the BIG NEWS #3!!

Finally i can spill!  I'll be teaching in 

 This is a dream come true.  I will be hosting a trip with 
"Adventures in Italy" with Kristi and Bill Steiner, September 15-21, 2013.  
I have planned the art adventure of a lifetime to create, inspire, eat, explore and celebrate!  
Find the details for my trip here: "Whimsical Wanderings in Orvieto, Italy",

These images of Orvieto take back to my college days, and four years of art history.  I have never been to Italy and this will be a enlightening experience for me as will as the others who will join me.  We'll capture our travels with art journaling, hand lettering and mixed media art.  No experience required!
 ...I cannot wait to stand in the presence of these breathtaking images.  These are the images i have only known in books, when pulling those "all nighters" in college for my art history exams.  True story!
 ...I cannot wait to touch these ancient art treasures....
...I cannot wait to  devour this color palette and paint the the gorgeous countryside...
 ...I cannot wait to share this with YOU!  
Doesn't this sound incredible?  
All the details can be found here on the Adventures in Italy website
Won't you join me for the art adventure of a lifetime?  


  1. OMW Joanne....you must be OUTTA your MIND excited....what a WONDERFUL opportunity!!1

  2. Lynne, i am over the moon excited!

  3. Congratulations, what a great treat. So happpy for you.

  4. So THRILLING~! Congratulations!!! You'll be the BELLA of the BALL! You are gonna take them all to new heights, no doubts. EnJOY !

  5. The adventure of a lifetime for sure. Congratulations! It will be such an incredible experience for you and all those lucky students!

  6. would love to attend, only problem I live in Italy !!!

  7. I want to go with you!!!!! I went to Paris 6 yrs ago to learn the art of silk painting and now have my original-designed hand painted silk scarves in shops & my own studio. I'd love to go w/you on this trip to Italy to grow myself as an artist.