Wednesday, January 18, 2012

…scoop in my favorite magazines...

On the news stands at this very moment…'s my honor and privilege to be published in TWO Stampington magazines this month!

SOMERSET STUDIO January/February 2012
  First, here's my Somerset Studio piece "One Page Wonder" in the "Lively Art of Lettering" section.  It colorfully shows my painted and hand lettered homemade journal that celebrates yummy color and a variety of my unconventional calligraphy.

 I must admit, it took my breath away to see a vibrant close up of my artwork on the WHOLE page!
 I'll be teaching this as a mixed media class called "One Page Wonder" at the Create Mixed Media Retreat in Somerset, New Jersey this July. Registration opens soon.

and second…

Stampington's Art Journaling magazine was, a dream on my "vision board" last year.  Here i am again, in this beautiful article they called "A Life of Art"……..pitter patter, dreams come true, breathe….sigh!!!!  It never ever gets old seeing your name and art in print.
This article showcases my rich, juicy canvas panel journal that i will be teaching at Create Mixed Media retreats in California in May and New Jersey in July.  You can join us in person!!!
My artwork was printed perfectly, accurate color tones and byline, yay!!
***SCOOP ALERT***  Now, in each issue, they ask a few of the featured artists about their process and techniques. It's always brilliant! I was reading the text under my name on four of the topic pages, and thought, "hmmmm, i said that?  Doesn't sound like anything I WOULD SAY??!".  I was a little freaked out about it.  Especially that it said that i had no formal training (and i spent a fortune on my art education degree) AND that "lettering was the bane of my existence"(and i pretty much have based my career on my lettering!)

I contacted my very kind and gracious editor and she acknowledged the printing error.  She'll be noting the correction in the next issue.

A few days later, i got an email from Donna Mulholland, the extremely talented, whimsical watercolorist and yoga guru from Canada.  She informs me that the responses in the issue under my name are HER RESPONSES!!!  Mystery solved!  We had a nice chat and a good laugh, and know that "stuff happens". That's how we make new art friends.

So, when you are reading the issue, know that the text in these "Ask the Artist" pages identified as JOANNE SHARPE, really belong to Donna Mulholland.  Check out her blog, she has such a wonderful painting and journaling style.  She also blogged about this experience today.

…."lettering was once the bane of my existence"…DONNA MULHOLLAND

I'll say it again, it really is an HONOR to be featured in such beautiful publications that celebrate the talent of so many wonderful art souls. 
Thank you Stampington, for including me, appreciating my art 
and making this journey a great adventure with you!


  1. congratulations joanne! that's wonderful to be published in 2 magazines!

  2. Brilliant art and post! Love the pink stickies, too ... very effective!

  3. Wow, two magazines at once!!! It's kinda nice to know that even the "big guys" make mistakes; just wish it hadn't been in your article :(
    Something else you said I hadn't thought about is how the colors come through in print. It is very important that an artists colors are true so we can see them as they are meant to be seen. They didn't mess that up thank goodness, lol.
    Love your work as always.

  4. You have inspired me to do a new vision board Joanne! It sounds like you have figured out how to manifest your dreams for sure. Your features are totally wonderful and well deserved. Cheers!

  5. This IS truly an honor, but one that is deserved! I am looking forward to your on-line class that begins on February 1st - - - but, I an also looking forward to whatever juicy classes you are offering at "Create - in Chicago" this year! Congratulations, Joanne, you have worked hard and earned this!

  6. Congrats on the mags! ALWAYS such a thrill to be published...and 2 at once....heavenly! (There was a snafu with my subscription so I am still waiting for my mags....can't wait to see!)

  7. Congratulations!!!!! And Somerset in July? Do you know that's only about 30 minutes from my HOUSE???????

  8. A Big whooohooo and hearty congratulations, both issues look gorgeous. I have the somerset but have been saving it for my trip...can't wait to read and say I know this art chicky! I'll have to look for the art journaling...our little store doesn't have it yet. :( Keep up the fantastic work! xoxo

  9. Congratulations and nice to meet you. I'm an online friend of Donna's and I have to say I'm of the mistake made by the magazine folks because it brought me to your site. Lovely work!

  10. Congratulations Joanne! It looks like it's time for me to pick up these issues. The colors in the pictures sure do look vivid, and I look forward to seeing them!

  11. Congrats Joanne! You must be soooooo proud!

  12. Woopsie! I'm glad you got the error cleared up. I bought the Art Journaling magazine (especially after seeing you in it!), but had not read it with enough attention yet to notice such "strange" comments attached to your name. :-) Congrats on the magazine publication!

  13. Congratulations, Joanne! The articles look beautiful. Will be checking them out this weekend. Happy Creating!

  14. I dream of attending one of Joanne's...I mean Donna's watercolor/yoga classes. She is truly working through spirit.

  15. I have my Somerset issue but the Art Journaling publication hasn't been put on the Barnes & Noble shelves yet. I live in a small city in Northern AZ and some things take longer than others. However, I'll go look at the Somerset issue and enjoy your work. I plan to attend Art Unraveled and will be registering for your Sunday class. It looks delightful. I'm glad you were accepted to teach. It's a great location. I'll be a vendor on Saturday.

    Blessings, Marrianna

  16. Oopsie! Oh least they'll fix the error.'s an honor to be in Art Journaling with you this month. Your work is just divine!

  17. Love Your Art!!! I hope I can find the Art Journaling Mag. I have several issues and would Love to find this one. Congrats on being published!