Saturday, October 1, 2011

catching up!!

Where, i ask, did September go!!!!!  I was in a whirlwind and have 20 blog posts ready for this month to catch you up, all fun artsy goodness.  After finishing the Create retreat in Chicago, i returned home to get caught up on some artwork, magazine articles and class proposals.  In the midst, i prepared for two trips to both coasts!  Many airplane rides in the past few months.

Back tracking, here are some more photos for Create in Chicago 30 days ago.  It always seems that i should have taken more pics at these events, but it seems that i am always in the moment savoring the experience.  I'll have to get better about that.

How do you like my original Vintage Glitter Bottle Mushroom Head Man??  My art friend Kim Geiser created him, and i just about fell over from laughing so hard when she gifted it to me, hysterical!  He's my Create Chicago mascot and i love him.

Just sent in proposals for the 2012 Create retreat in Irvine, CA!  Mark your calendars to attend May 30-June 3, 2012.  The site still shows the 2011 event, and the staff is still choosing workshops and planning schedules, so stay tuned!

But here are the Chicago girls, totally full from the Color Blast Buffet!  The nicest women ever.  Good thing we took TWO pictures, as everyone was paying attention in THIS photo!

Messy fingers, painted hands, proof of an good ol' inky artsy fun time!!

After our teaching at Create we ventured out into the next town over, Napierville, IL.  A quaint place, buzzing with people and fun shops.  We had a blast.  I hadn't laughed as hard as we did, in a long time with my art friends Sue Pelletier, Kim Geiser and Mel Kolstad.  

This is my soul sister Sue.  She's a famous Cloth Paper Scissors super talented painter/ mixed media artist, and one of the funniest people i know.  She had to pose and rest on this artsy mosaic fainting couch in the middle of the sidewalk! 

 Some folks were painting this mural in a busy alley way.  Unbelievably breathtaking!  Amazing talent.
Create Chicago was a fabulous adventure……the people, the places, the art and friendship.  It doesn't get any better than this!


  1. You Rock, Joanne! I'm looking forward to seeing you in Danbury!

  2. We are just going have to fly you over here to the east coast and teach us! I am jealous of all those Naperville and Chicago girls!

  3. sounds like u are busy making a living fr your art.. good for you.. I hope to be there too someday.