Sunday, July 17, 2011

art every day…july 9-15, 2011

Long, awesome week, spent teaching and painting.  I had an art camp for 4 days with 9 sweet little girls age 8-14, who made some really fun art.  At night i had two art journaling classes with my "Art Ladies", a group of my favorite people who come to my studio on a regular basis to share creativity, art exploring and wine!
With my busy teaching schedule this week there wasn't much time for daydreaming and doodling.  My "Sweets Art" art this week was all about color, paints and pattern in this watercolor journal using spray inks, stencils, white paint, and stamps.
 Each page has a different feel, and i used two smaller sheets of paper to create an inclusion. With three sheets of paper i created a 20 page book with a sewn signature down the middle.

 I puttered around in this journal every day, lettering a little….

 ….painting the inked pages…..

 ….doodled some writing……how could i go a week without doodling!!
 …made a lettering grid on one of the inclusions that is now waiting for my profound writings...

 ….okay, a little bit of my drawing, i can't help it!...
 …some paint...

 This is the kind of book that takes me weeks, months to finish.  I over think what should go on each page, instead of just doing it!  Let that be a lesson to you, just do it!!  
 …the back page….watercolored stamping, stencils, ink...

Here's a peek into my art journaling class in my teeny studio.  
These are my soul sisters, my local "Art Ladies"…
…this is Meg...
... Jeanne...

 and Kitty….
 and Linda and her beautiful journal!

 …gorgeous pages, amazing journals….
It was a artful week!  It's my hope you are inspired to go make something "artfully you"!


  1. I wish I was close enough to come play. Looks like you all had a fabulous week!!!

  2. These are just wonderful! I wish I could've been there too....I just found your blog and your artwork..very beautiful!

  3. Hi Joanne. I found your blog through a copic marker video about your article in Cloth Paper scissors Magazine. I love your artwork - I love your words, your drawings, but I especially love your colors. I am obsessed with copic markers and I wish you would do a video class using copic markers and also Tombow markers. I never used tombows but I went and bought some after you said they were like watercolor markers. I'm used to watercolors being pale, pastel colors, but these are so vibrant. I'm now obsessed with Tombows also. I look forward to your blog and hopefully I will get to attend one of your classes in person, or I would also love it if you did online classes-it seems to be the new thing. Thanks Joanne!

  4. Tried to post on your guest post, but it wouldn't let me. Thanks so much for the idea to draw with dimensional paint, my hubby loved the card I made for him!!!

  5. Oh, that looks like a wonderful group of women to create with!!! Beautiful art from everyone!!! LOVE!!

  6. Love, love, LOVE your journal! Any chance of you teaching the mechanics of it online? One of my favorite things to do is make journals...sometimes even more than writing in them! I'd have no problem decorating the pages. Your blog has so much color inspiration. But I don't know how you made the actual journal. Can't hurt to ask, as my Mama would say. ;)

  7. Just found your blog, not even sure where now. This workshop is fantastic as is your blog. xox Corrine